Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Well, this post is a couple of weeks late. I did not post immediately because I needed to have my photos doctored a bit to take off the name of the kids school from Jack's shirt, our house address, etc. I know, I know. I'm paranoid. Most of the folks reading this know EXACTLY where the kids go and EXACTLY where I live but since this is my blog, you can never be too sure!

So, here they are on the first day of school. Jack and Eva now both go five days per week. My big boy, Jack is an actual Kindergartner. I can't even believe it. The very cool thing about a Montessori school is that ages 3-6 are in the same classroom. So, Jack is year three and that comes with lots of responsibility towards the younger kids. I'm really hoping it does wonders for him this year.

Eva has taken to her school like you can't believe. I love that I get these notes from her teacher telling me stories about the things she is doing. I got a note the other day from her teacher that Eva had advanced so much in the class in one week, they created a "big kid shelf" in honor of her with work that they usually don't pull out until later in the year. You go, Eva!!!

Anyway, here they are in the doctored photos. I told my awesome co-worker (who did these for me in like two days, I was just too lazy to actually post) that if she was going ahead and doctoring them, maybe she could make me like 60lbs lighter. That would really help me in my Weight Watchers. Alas, she didn't. Too bad she does not work for Vogue.

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