Thursday, June 21, 2007

How I Spent Last Night or Why You Should Never Drink a Bottle of Wine by Yourself When Your Husband is Out of Town

One thing I have to say about my kids, they do go to bed really easily. I consider myself very lucky. Last night, it was not the case. For some reason, when Jon is out of town, the kids lose their minds.

Ahead of the game, I put both kids in bed by 7:30p and settled down with a bottle of wine that I had chilled all day and a cheesy movie I won't admit to watching. AND I had the TV all to myself with no eye-rolling from my husband when I wanted to watch said cheesy movie.

In the first 30 min, Jack was up 7 times. 7! Mommy, please tell me a story. Mommy, let's call Daddy. Mommy, why is the sky blue? Eva, on the other hand, I believe is teething and shot up around 8:30 for an hour and a half. Bitter much? Yes, for sure.

Then, at 3a, for some unexplained reason, Jack was back in my bed. Ordinarily, this would not be a problem for a parent BUT Jack likes to move around the entire night, talk in his sleep and kick me in the face. He's not now the cuddle bunny he used to be. That said, I have no abilitiy to put him back in his own bed at that hour. Why the parenting books all insist this is the right thing to do is beyond me. How is someone lucid enough at that hour to march their child back into their bed? I'm weak. I admit it.

Now, back to the wine. Yes, I drank the whole bottle. Did not seem like such a bad idea until Jack was trying to have a conversation with me at 6am on whether or not he could hear crickets outside. Sadly, I had no husband to pawn him off on.

Yes, Jack, there are crickets. Now, help Mommy take the bottle of wine to the recycling bin.


Rodrigo said...
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January said...

Too funny. Don't know what it is about kids and sleep. I don't know who asks more questions, Jack or Alex.

When will you post pictures?

Aaron said...

That is one of the funnier posts I've read. Mostly because it would have been me on a whole lot of occasions if I could have figured out how to work the corkscrew at 3 am!

-Aaron (the Jerusalem cousin)

kristib said...

Thanks, Aaron!