Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Ok, so it is Wednesday.

Sorry for the delay. Just got back from vacation, had a busy day at work, blah blah blah, all the excuses we use for not writing.
Not much to confess this week. I've been an angel.
Who are we kidding.
Let's see. Had great time at Fest. On Friday, Jack was off with his grandparents (thank you!) and got a sitter for Eva so that Jon and I could go off to Fest by ourselves and enjoy the day sans kids. Jon and his BFF Neil took off so he left just us gals by ourselves, generally, a dangerous thing to do during Fest. Kristi, Hannah and Cheryl, responsible parents/citizens became Doz, Coco and Shug, our 20-something alter-egos. We had a blast.
On Saturday, Jack could not wait for the Imagination Movers to play. We were really excited to take him. Here's a confession for Jon. He injured himself really badly by pulling a muscle while dancing to a children's band. Don't let him fool you will some cool story. He pulled it at a children's music concert.
Here's another confession for Saturday. We kept our children out in the rain at the Fest for three hours. I know, we're awful parents. They were having fun running in the mud, we were having fun running in the mud. Maybe I'm not that responsible, after all.
I think that Eva has a cold because she played in the rain for three hours. I feel really guilty about that given everything that she's been through.
I had to take the most depressing online class today for work. Child Abuse Training. It was AWFUL and I feel so sorry for those kids who have to deal with it! Of course, when they were talking about children abusing other children, one of the indicators to watch for was children who are obsessed with their body parts or the body parts of others. I immediately thought of my baby boy who likes to drop his pants and yell, "Look at my weeeeeeeeeei-ner!!!!"
SERIOUS CONFESSION ALERT! I'm actually a bit late today in my confessions because I've been off my game a bit. My beloved grandfather, Dyda, had a stroke on Sunday. He's ok right now but I'm off to NC this weekend to visit him. Dyda's stroke just put me over the edge. Austin Meglar received his Angel wings on Thursday, I have 6 CLOSE friends whose mothers are very sick/and/or are in the hospital now and I still have not recovered from the Eva/Jack crisis. I keep wondering when it will all stop so that I can get my footing back. So, when does it all stop? Ever?

And so my mind wanders....

Just back from Fest and had a fantastic time. Left Wednesday after work and drove halfway, which is about 4.5 hours or so. Got off to a late start because I was working later than I had hoped and since I did not pack the night before, I still had to pack and remove all the hawaiian shirts and Chelsea Football Club gear my darling husband had packed for my children.

Anyway, it was late and everyone was in the car asleep. And so my mind wandered...

(with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan)

I am the very model of a modern Fest participant,
For 18 years I've come here in April to go to this event,
Was fired once while working,
For my duties I was shirking,
I am the very model of a modern Fest participant!

(chorus) She was fired once while working,
for her duties she was shirking,
She is the very model of a modern Fest participant!

The music is amazing as you move your camp from stage to stage,
armed with your cubes to guide you, you can find enough to engage,
Gospel, blues and Dixieland,
the stage that used to be Ray-Ban,
The music is a part of why I am a Fest participant!

(chorus) Gospel, blues and Dixieland,
The stage that used to be Ray-Ban,
The music is a part of why she is a Fest participant!

Creole stuffed bread and Monica, conchon du lait and gumbo,
The food tents filled up to the brim are the things that steals the show,
Crawfish bread or some stuffed in a sack,
Too much can cause a heart attack,
The eating marathon is the reason I keep coming back!

(chorus) Crawfish bread or some stuffed in a sac,
too much can cause a heart attack,
The eating marathon is the reason I keep coming back!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Confession Tuesday


Well, I can breathe a sigh of relief. For the past several weeks/months, I have been planning a function that was tonight. It is over. I can return to being my normal self. Return to my kids, return to my hubby, ahhhhhhhhhh.....

Tonight's event was a celebration of the end of my annual fundraising campaign. We still have not met our goal but are VERY close and I know we will get there in the next week or so. It sure would have been nice to be there now, but alas.

On to the confessions!
Although I have been exhausted from working late hours, ignored my children and husband since the day I started, and stressed so much that I have not slept in the past three months, it has felt really good being at my job. I really like it and I love the folks that I work with. After two years of being home and that wonderful stint at the newspaper (that I also loved), having a high-pressure-must-get-it-done-now job feels kind of good. I'm not sure how I feel about realizing that, though.
I wore my Bon Jovi hat to work on Friday. I could not wait to break it in. One of my co-workers related that I was like that middle school kid who wore the concert t-shirt to school the NEXT day after the show. Yeah, I'm STILL that kid.
Today, for the first time, someone called me out for being offensive on my blog. He was right and Dave, if you're reading please see my response to your post. You know, I write so familiarly and think that everyone knows me so well (and honestly, the majority of you guys do) but I forget that some people do not know me. So, I do have to be careful. I do feel awful for writing something that could hurt someone's feelings. And, I appreciate his input.
While I will do my best, I'm pretty sure that it won't be long until I offend someone again. I mean, the sad part is that I write whatever pops into my feeble brain and even still, I'm far more offensive in person. There is NO filter there! Just ask Joseph.
I'm leaving for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival with my hubby and kids tomorrow. This will be my 18th Fest. 18 years! I can't believe that I have been going to that festival for that long! It will also be the 8th anniversary of when I started dating my husband and I'm pretty sure it is the 12th anniversary for Jana and Tim (long overdue for another Fest trip!)
Speaking of starting to date my husband, I'm looking for some good ideas on how I can tell the kids that Daddy and I started dating. Meeting while intoxicated at Pat O'Briens during JazzFest does not seem to have a good ring to it, so I am open for suggestions. Just for the record, don't suggest church because as many of you know, Jon is Jewish and I'm pretty sure the kids would be on to us if we tried to slip that past them. Any of you have any good stories Jon and I could steal to make our own? Also, I'm sure that Jana and Tim could also use some suggestions, as they are in the same boat.
I can't decide what to eat first at the fest, crawfish bread, crawfish Monica or BBQ shrimp over spinach. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
Here's a sign of the times. The only band that I know for sure that is playing at the Fest this year is the Imagination Movers. They are a NoLa children's band that they show on Playhouse Disney. Last year, at the Movers concert, I think that the parents were rocking out as much, if not more than the kids....Yeah, sing it Smitty! Please and Thank You ARE magic words!
Ok, time to get packing. So much to do! If I don't get it done tonight, Jon will do it and heaven only knows what he will pack for my children. Eva will have all Chelsea soccer club gear to wear and Jack will have a suitcase of Hawaiian shirts. Time to get crackin'!

Until we meet again...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Good evening! Getting a bit of a late start!

Well, this is not really a confession but LAST NIGHT'S CONCERT WAS AWESOME! Jon surprised me with floor seats so we were up close and personal! I cannot speak for Jon (although I often do!) but I'm pretty sure he was shocked to see his wife scream like a 16-year old for three hours. Maybe I should be ashamed of my behavior but I don't care. JBJ is my man. Just look at him!

My favorite part of the evening was when Jon (mine) could not take it anymore and just sat down in the middle of "I'll Be There For You". Then, all the people surrounding us (including the two guys behind us) started to serenade him. "I'll be there for you, these five words I swear to you, when you breathe, I want to be the air for you, I'll be there for you..." That picture will be forever burned in my brain.
I bought a $35 hat at the concert. $35! For a hat??!! But you know what? I'm wearing that puppy all through JazzFest. Jon will be so happy and proud to be with me.
So, we got home at midnight. When I woke up this morning, I had an email from our CEO asking me to speak at our all staff meeting. Crap! It was then that I was thinking that maybe I should have had some dinner with my beer. And perhaps, maybe I should NOT have screamed like a 16-year old for three hours because I had what Jon calls my Brenda Vacarro voice. I frantically made some hot tea for the caffeine and the vocal chord work! I think I pulled it off, though. Hopefully....
Montreal was amazing. If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it. As great as it was, though, I was happy to get back to my babies at home. Five days is a long time to be gone.
I'm exhausted. Recently, it seems that I have been doing some really late night activities. Normally, I'm an in bed by 9 kinda gal but for the past couple of months, the nights have been filled with activity. Maybe it is just gearing up for summer. I don't know but my 38-year old body is feeling it. This weekend, we are heading to Austin to the Old Settlers Bluegrass Festival. Next week, it is JazzFest in New Orleans and I never get any rest there. I need some sleep!
Eva has been difficult lately. It seems that she has developed a knack for temper tantrums. A co-worker recently showed me this video and I have to admit, as hilarious as it is, it hit a little close to home. I guess that it made me feel a bit better. Also, I'm dealing with the fact that I feel a bit guilty because of Eva's cancer, if I don't take her in my arms and hug her every minute. What if her time is limited? I know that is completely irrational and I am actually doing BETTER for her by attempting to change her behavior but still...
The flip side is that Jack has been AMAZING recently! I don't know if it is the fact that he is growing, or the new classroom or the fact that we are keeping him all day at school but honestly, he just seems so happy at home. It is quite a difference from the sour puss we had visiting us for the last year or so.
Tonight, as Jack went to bed, he told me that he wanted to give me 100 kisses. I said, go for it! Then, he counted out 100 kisses on my cheek. What a way to end a chaotic day!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Well, tonight is the big Bon Jovi concert! I will finally get to see my beloved Jon sing in concert with 15,000 of my closest friends.

As I have said MANY times, Jon and I have a special bond. We both do a mean rendition of Livin' on a Prayer but his is generally before a larger audience than my two children and my husband.

And I love him.

You can imagine my happiness when I opened up my surprise Christmas gift from my beloved Jon (Bon Bernstein) below.

Now, Jon (Bon Bernstein) has turned. He does not want to lose "cool" points with his peeps so he is brushing off the fact that I firmly believe that he is almost as excited as I am to see the show.

Today, I received this from one of his best friends and thought I would post the slightly edited version. Not to validate his argument but because I want you all to know what I have to put up with! What is wrong with you, SK, that you cannot see the beauty that is Bon Jovi?!? I mean, what's not to love? Who doesn't love a song where he says, "I've seen a million faces, and I've rocked them all!" Pure genius. Bob Dylan won a Pulitzer, maybe Jon Bon Jovi might be next!
From SK:
On the matter of actually shelling out hard earned money for Jon Bon Jovi I have a few thoughts.

Why not pay someone to run over your hand or to beat you around the neck and head. It surely would be cheaper and the long term affects would be less severe. I would think if you must purchase tickets and attend the show you would be due some compensation or favors.
Below I have listed what I would consider fair compensation for purchasing the Bon Jovi tickets and attending the concert with " The Fan."
For a period of one year.
1. Purchaser will never again awaken with the children. "The Fan" will attend to all the children's nocturnal needs. Purchaser will never be disturbed so as not to interrupt his Rock and Roll dreams.
2. "The Fan" must maintain strict confidentiality. She must support the purchaser when he denies having attended the show to any suspecting accuser.
3. "The Fan" will prepare all meals in the future buffet style with several choices for the purchaser. If nothing is to his liking a take out meal must be obtained immediately.
4. "The Fan" may never watch any type of realty TV or Lifetime channel again. Only sports and good rock and roll shows. Purchaser from now on will pick all movies.
5. At the show purchaser will be allowed to excuse himself at anytime especially if he is feeling physically ill.
6. Purchaser will select all acts to be seen at Jazz Fest. God forbid "The Fan" might want to go see Jimmy Buffet.
7. If "The Fan" gets pulled on stage to dance with Jon she must cover her face the entire time so as not to violate the confidentiality agreement mentioned above. If this footage is on the local news and people recognize "The Fan" and in turn people know the purchaser attended said Bon Jovi show the purchaser will be given the option of leaving the country for 6 months to let things die down. "The Fan" can also be admitted to an insane asylum there by providing the purchaser with an excuse.
8. "The Fan" will agree to drive on all vacations so the purchaser may sleep, read, or whatever. On trips without the children, purchaser will be allowed to use the back seat as a bed. Yes, even on short trips.
9. Each night purchaser will select a CD to play in an attempt to de-program "The Fan".
10. These penalties double if Bon Jovi covers a song the purchaser likes.
11. Penalties will also double if Bon Jovi decides to do a double encore.
12. The children are never to know this happened.

Yeah, we'll see tomorrow. Don't even THINK that I'm not rushing the stage!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Montreal--Part 2

Well, it is Sunday and I'm still here.

We have had a fantastic time. The conference was great and I learned a lot. The only thing was that for 48 hours, I did not leave this hotel. I was going stir crazy!

A View from My Room

Don't get me wrong. My bed was great, I had a huge tub with bubble bath that I purchased and could watch the American President in French but I really needed to do some walking...and soon.

So, Friday night, I finally convinced a local to direct our merry crew to a local joint away from all the touristy stuff. And they did. We had dinner at this terrific restaurant in a neighborhood and walked around in the cold, rainy/sleeting weather for a bit. It was like heaven for my lungs.

Yesterday, we finished the conference, and had some time to shop. I will firmly admit that while I have a great sense of direction, I absolutely took us the wrong way on our journey. But, we got to see far more of Montreal than we had anticipated so that is not so bad.

Last night, we went to a light show at the Basilica Notre Dame. It was simultaneously the one of the neatest things I have ever done and one of the cheesiest things I have ever done. Honestly, i can't even describe it to you to do it justice. Here are some things I learned, however: God is an Irishman; you can die sitting up and never drop the book you are holding; and apparently, you can come off a two-year voyage to a new world in the 1500's with a clean, white, starched shirt. I do have to admit, the timing of the rest of the show was fantastic. You really got to see what an amazing place that is. It is hard to pack that much in a $10 show! But, if you happen to be in this fair city before June, it is worth a look. If only so that you, too, can act out your own version of the video.

The Altar

In an attempt to do the polar opposite of that experience, one of my co-workers and I headed to a bar to watch the end of the hockey game and celebrate with the locals. That was fantastic. Their team (the red one) won and people poured into the streets, dancing, singing, and running in between cars to celebrate with those going by. It was great and I'm so happy we did that.

Random Revelers

Today, a quick tour of the city and then off to the airport home.

Tomorrow, when I have my camera cord, I'll upload some pics of the trip. That is, if i have time before the BON JOVI CONCERT!!!!!! Less than 36 hours away....

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Montreal--Part 1

Well, in spite of the chaos that was Amerian Airlines today, we had a TERRIFIC flight here. We were fortunately booked on a 737 instead of the MD-80's that were grounded! It was touch and go for a bit as we were wondering if 1-flight would somehow get moved or 2-the promised storms would move in early and delay us.

Neither happened.

So, here I am in this terrific city. I have a room on the 18th floor of this great hotel overlooking a domed cathedral with the "mountain" in the background. I have a huge tub and a four-poster king size bed with NO ONE coming to visit me or screaming for me in the middle of the night. It could not be better...

Oh, yes, it could! I just turned the tv on and they are showing a documentary on ABBA in french!

Mais oui, c'est tres bien! Bon Soir!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One Down, 23 to Go!

We had Eva's one month oncology appointment today. Well, with the exception of being laughed at by the doctor for my overreaction to the teething incident, all was well! :)

We have to wait a week for some tests but they took a chest xray and it all looked good!

We have monthly appts for the next two years. I'll just mark them with a tick mark on the wall.

Now, off to Canada for the rest of the week! Let's sing it together, shall we? Ooooh, Can-a-daaaah, our home and native laaaaand...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Confession Tuesday, ah, I missed thee...

Before I get going, I wanted to give a little shout-out to Gabrielle Frankowski who made her debut this week. Sure excited to get to know you, little one, when we get to JazzFest in a couple of weeks!
First up, I am typing this confession one-handed while eating a chocolate popsicle. It is not a "real" chocolate popsicle but those folks at Skinny Cow sure know how to make a tasty substitute.
It took me five minutes to type that last confession because I kept hitting all the wrong keys. I think I'll take a break and finish my popsicle.
Tonight, I had settled in for my weekly reality TV fest of Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. I put the kids to bed and off I go into the world of ballroom dance and the trash "romance"! Nubbin, tonight, would not cooperate and kept screaming and screaming. I was pretty bitter about having to go get her and bring her into the den. (I know, I'm TERRIBLE! but it is MY night!) Anyway, she sat on my lap, drank a cup of milk, bopped to the music, clapped at the end of each routine, and laughed every time Tom Bergeron came up on screen. It was actually like watching it with a friend! Nubbin was a much more engaged person than the usual grunts I get from Jon! Yes, Nubbin, that was a fantastic paso doble! I, too, agree that Marlee Matlin is consistently underscored! What did YOU think of all the glitter? I think we have a new routine, she and I. Sleep? Who needs it, little girl, Dancing with the Stars is on!
I'm completely in love with this hardwood floor product my father introduced me to. It makes my floors look so SHINY that I am completly addicted to it. My dad told me to only put it on once per month. The first time I used it was two weeks ago. They got slightly dingy so I put three more coats on Sunday. I keep staring at it and showing everyone who comes into my house. Look at my floors, aren't they shiny? I need to be stopped.
I just killed a spider.
We were having a discussion at work about nicknames. It reminded me of a post Jan did a while back about all the names she could recall being called in her life. Here's mine in no particular order:

Resel, Binky, Bink, Binkster, Binkarama, Binkums, Aunt Binky, Aunt Bink, Aunt Kristi, Stinky Binky, Stink, Prissy Britches, Pris, Eva's Daughter, Gordon's Daughter, Dorothy's, Gordon's Ruth's and Paul's Granddaughter, Kristi, Anne, Dahlin', Roomie, Ding-a-ling, Sister, Big Sis, Friend, Special K, Gorgeous, Baby Girl, Shithead, Bitch, Dino, Miss Dozier, Doz, The Doz, Mrs. Bernstein, Princess Aurora, Azz Kik'Ah, Azz, Wife, 'Mam, Sweetheart, Love, Babe, Pumpkin, P2, Honey, Hon, Sweet Girl, K-Dog, KD Kanopy, Dumbass, Jack and Eva's Mom, Mommy, Mimi, Mom, Goodnight Mom

I can pinpoint each name absolutely with a person who called me that name. And, with the exception of Shithead (which was a name bestowed upon me by my mother's father, I might still need therapy for that one!) , well, and of course, Bitch, I pretty much love them all.

I'm sure that there are many, many more but that is all off the top of my head.
I'm off to Montreal for a work conference on Wednesday morning. I'm excited on several levels. One, I get to meet some colleagues from across the country and two, I've never seen Montreal. Honestly, I'm most excited to get chocolate croissants. (Thus, the Skinny Cow popsicles...can you bank calories!)
I get back from the conference on Sunday night. Monday night, it's BON JOVI, BABY! Have been waiting since Christmas for this concert!!! Maybe he'll pull me up on stage for a Livin' on a Prayer duet. That's right, Jonny, you and me, baby!
Today, it was so warm outside. When I got home from work, the kids and I started to weed one of my gardens. Jack broke out the hose, he accidentally sprayed me so I grabbed it and chased him around the yard spraying him until he was soaking wet. Poor Eva got caught in the crossfire but she is such a good sport, she thought it was great and kept running into the hose. We laughed, and laughed. It felt good to be spring, again.
One last confession. Tomorrow is Eva's one month appointment with the oncologist. I know that everything will be fine but I am still scared to death.

Sunday, April 06, 2008



You never know how much you used the internet until you can't use it any longer! It was like my whole connection to the outside world was suddenly gone! For 10 days!

Now, I have definitely gone for a bit on vacation without internet service but I seem to be mentally prepared for that. It was a conscience decision to turn off the outside world. I celebrated my ability to be disconnected.

No so, my friend, this time.

I pouted each night to my husband. When are you going to get them here to reconnect me? Have you called SBC? Do you need the number? Unfortunately, SBC is one of those weird accounts that Jon is the only one that they can talk to (don't get me started). Usually, that is ok except for when this kind of stuff happens and I need him to do things.

It was the end of my annual fundraising campaign so it could not be a worse time at work to not have internet access at home. I usually send files home and work on them when the kids go to bed. But, I could not work at home, so I had to stay at work and thus took me away from my family longer. It was tough.

The thing that hurt the most was I was cut off from my favorite blogs. What is Jana up to? Laura? Amy Jo? Cher? Carolee? Pat? Daddy? All those NB kids who I regularly check on?

I have a reading routine, damnit, and I can't see what others are writing! I can't Confess on Tuesdays, I can't Scribble on Sundays...ahhhhhh!

Maybe it was a good lesson on addictions.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Radio Silence

Good Morning!

Just a quick post regarding my radio silence. Turns out that our internet service went out last week. Unfortunately, it has taken a week to get it back up and running (it is STILL OUT!) Of course, at the same time, my internet at work seems to be not functioning properly! UGH!

This is, of course, the worst week this could happen as my annual campaign ended this week!

The kids are fine. Eva is fine except that she has learned to throw temper tantrums in the past month or so. Jack is doing well. We're all great!

Anyway, have lots of stories, of course!

I've missed reading all your blogs.

I'm hoping to be back up in the next couple of days!!!