Friday, July 20, 2007

Mommy, Are You Awake?

I know that all moms of 3-year old children think that their kids ask alot of questions. I have to think that my son asks more questions than the average bear. So, I thought, is it just me? Am I just impatient or does he really ask too many questions? I thought I would track them for just one hour this morning to see. Here's the list. Keep in mind, this is just one hour of 12 that Jack is awake and I'm not recording the statements that occur in the hour. Also, each question begins with "Mommy".


Mommy, are you awake?
Will you please rub my back?
Did you sleep all night long?
Why is Daddy snoring?
Can we go to the den?
Why do you have that piece of paper?
What is that pen for?
What are you writing?
Can we watch TV this morning?
Why not?
Are these my big boy pants?
Is poo poo good for your body?
Can I go potty now?
Why does little bus make this noise?
Is that dog barking at the trash truck?
Why did the trash truck take my bat?
Is it because I hit my baby sister?
Am I a good boy now?
Is Maria coming today?
Why not?
Is she ok?
Why is she at her doctor and not mine?
Where does my doctor live?
What's that noise?
Is Little Fuzz (his sister) awake?
Where is my airplane?
Is this a regional jet or a 777?
Why do I have more in the diaper bag?
My diaper bag or yours?
Is Little Fuzz awake?
Is Willam coming today?
Will we be playing on the slip and slide?
Will he be bringing his swimsuit?
Can we go get Little Fuzz now?
Why are we by ourselves in my room?
Why is Daddy still sleeping?
If I am a good boy today, can I have my trash truck out of the closet?
Can I vaccum the room?
Why doesn't Little Fuzz eat chest anymore?
I'm too big to eat chest, too?
Eva is as big as I am?
Why can't I hit my baby sister?
Do I have a guitar like Smitty (from the Imagination Movers)?
Can we dance to the Imagination Movers?
What are you doing?
Why are you taking sleep out of Eva's eye?
Why is Eva lifting herself up on the bed?
When can I take Pancake (his stuffed dog) on a 777 airplane in the morning?
Why is Lightning McQueen a car?
Why do I have brown eyes?
Why do you have brown eyes?
Why does Eva have blue eyes?
Can I snuggle with you and Eva on the bed?

Yes, honey, I'd love to snuggle with you and Eva on the bed. Let's just please have quiet time for 5 minutes, heck, I'll even take 1 minute.


Emir said...

Hello Kristi,

the world IS small after all - after thinking about you this morning and deciding to try to trace you on the web I found your blog in no time. Pretty cool!

I'd like to catch up (on the phone), so if you still have my email please send me your # (I don't want to post mine here for obvious reasons), and I'll call you this weekend.

Incidentally, my wife is on an all-girl trip this weekend and I'm staying home with Harris (my 2-year old son) all by myself and no female help. I'll need that wine you were talking about in one of the previous posts.

Anyway, please send me a note and I'll try to call when he's taking a nap or something.

Your Norfolk late-night nachos-and-cheese-throwing buddy Emir ;-)

Migs said...

I'd take you up on a challenge to see who's child asks more questions. At least it appears you only get a question once. I get the same questions over and over and over again, sometimes in the same order and sometimes in a randomly selected order. It is by far one of the most exhausting parts of being a parent.

kristib said...


I tried to write to the email that I had for you. If you did not get it, I do not have your email. You can write to me with my first name and maiden name It's the same email I've had for like 12 years. email me!

Dad 2 eight said...


The questions keep coming. Regardless of the age. They just change a bit and generally sound something like this: Hey Dad. Can you lend me $50 bucks?

kristib said...

Hey, Dad, can I borrow $50?

Laura said...

I think you should type up and frame those questions...they are too cute.

Amy Jo said...

Yes, well...think about this...I get the "Mom can I borrow $50 bucks?" from one (or two) older kid(s) and the million questions from the little one! It is still the greatest job in the world!