Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Secret, Secret, I've Got a Secret

Ok. Jana did a posting about this a while back and I thought I would do the same. Let's talk secrets today.

-I have a little crush on Zac Efron.
-Yes, he's half my age.
-Yes, I just admitted that an adult is half my age.
-Anytime 13 Going on 30 comes on television, I have to watch it.
-Speaking of movies, one of my favorite movies is Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.
-On my first date EVER, I fell off a curb in front of the two entire high school football teams with a full stadium watching. My hatian bag purse spilled all over the floor. Among other things, out came a hairdryer and feminie products. I should have taken that as a sign of dating dramas to come.
-I used to go rollerskating every Sunday night to Christian music when I was in high school. As a friend once said, "yeah, man, we're skating for God."
-Sometimes, I just need a minute.
-I'm Walkin' on Sunshine is my favorite song.
-Sometimes I listen to my son's CD's in the car when he's not there.
-I sing karaoke in my house when I'm alone (and sometimes when I'm not)...mostly old Bon Jovi stuff
-At my surprise 16th birthday party, I was wearing a teal shirt with pineapples on it, a fedora, a diamond in one ear and a cross in the other, stretch pants that were rolled up AND was quoted on video as saying, "Oh, my, I'm so surprised! Thank god, I dressed up!"

Anything you want to share?


strawberryfields4ever said...

Just to let you know...I had to get up off of the floor to write this comment. I am still laughing. I am not sure if I am laughing because I can still see you in the outfit at the party or because I was probably dressed in a similar manner! The scary part is that now, I have a kid who is old enough to go "skating for God." Only she goes on Tuesdays. I miss that big giant orange shirt. Remember that one that I always wanted to borrow when I was over?!?

Goodnight, Mom said...

Yes, I do remeber that shirt. I might have had that shirt until I was like 25. It was SO comfortable! And you have to love a traffic cone-orange shirt!

Actually, at my party, I think you probably had an "I heart Harrison Ford" shirt on. Or "Indy 4-Ever." Maybe a "Snakes Scare Me, Too." You know you were always wearing those things! :)

Mavis said...

I have a crush on Zac Ephron too! Thank goodness I'm not alone. We should start a Mom's Fan Club and totally creep him out! And, your last comment about dressing up at your 16th bday party is absolutely hysterical! Don't worry...I'm sure that pineapple shirt will come back in style any day now....

Laura said...

Zac Ephron...don't you think he's kind of girly?
I heart Scott Speedman from that old show "Felicity"

Goodnight, Mom said...

Yes, he is a little girly. I usually like the rough and tumble (Owen Wilson, Harrison Ford, Bono) kind of guys. That's why this is a "secret". :)

Maybe it's the singing. Guess I've always had a soft spot for guys who can sing.

Emir -- said...

How about a secred trip to Louisville? You still owe me an email back - I asked about Sept, and I guess you got sidetracked.

Emir --

Emir -- said...

I meant secret, sorry. It's Friday, and just want to go home; I don't have the patience to even check my typing.


migs said...

Here's my secret... I had to google Zac Efron, and I still don't know who he is. And the other day I heard some girls talking about Fergie, and I thought they were speaking of the Duchess of York.

Charlotte said...

"Walking on Sunshine" is my favorite song too.

But I'm also partial to "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie.

Debra said...

I will see any movie with Ethan Hawke in it...he reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine! Loved this post!