Thursday, August 02, 2007

Now, I know that everyone talks about how great Craigslist is, but I have to say, I heart craigslist. It has changed so much for the way that people advertise things.

For those not familiar, it is a free local posting. You can find anything on it. You can check it out by going to and looking to the right to click on your area.

Take for example, we had a garage sale this weekend. We sold SO much stuff, it was unbelievable. We were very happy with the results. I could not believe what we sold. Credit to Jon, we sold a bag of torn towels that we were going to throw away for $2 as "shop rags". Man, people will buy anything, that's for sure.

The greatest things about the sale were that 1-I did not have to pay for a listing in the newspaper, we had MANY folks come by who had seen my listing on craigslist. 2-I did not have to negotiate the price of any of the big stuff. Once the sale was over, I just took some pics of our big items that did not sell and put them on craigslist. In one day, we have nearly sold everything adding an additional $250 to our total.

The sale got rid of all the small stuff in our garage, and craigslist got the rest of it AT our asking price with no negotiation.

Gotta love the internet.


Alex said...

I LOVE craigslist too. That's actually how we found our townhome! Happy the garage sale went so well.

January said...

Yep, I love Craigslist, too. Tim uses it to advertise his business, and I use it to publicize our reading series. I also look for freelance work.

Emir said...

Can you come over so we can utilize some of your skills as a garage sale consultant? We have so much crap, and I don't know about Tx, but people here want stuff for nothing. We did sell (and buy) many items on CraigsList; I used to get free firewood (we have a wood-burning fireplace insert) from the folks that cut down the trees and don't need the wood.

Emir --
p.s. Let me know if you talked to Jon about getting together soon. ;-)