Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where is Martha Stewart When I Need Her?

Last week, I got a letter from Jack's teacher with stapled instructions on how to create a pilgrim's hat for their Thanksgiving celebration on Friday.

Immediately, my palms started to sweat. Isn't this a craft that the teachers usually do? Why are they making the parents do this?

Here's my problem. In addition to the MANY things that I have NO skill in whatsoever, I am a terrible artist. Seriously, when I draw, people comment on what a great artist Jack is.

Now I have to build a pilgrim hat from scratch? Immediately, I take off to Michael's where I'm SURE they have a pilgrim hat kit.

Guess what. Like all retailers these days, they have completely skipped over Thanksgiving and have all their Christmas decorations up. No pilgrims there. Oh, man, I have to do this myself.

So, here you go. My attempt at a project usually reserved for five year olds. Not bad, eh?


Laura said...

It's perfect.

strawberryfields4ever said...

I think that you did a wonderful job on his hat! Any pilgrim would be happy to wear it. :) I suspect that there is an artist in there somewhere after all!

January said...

Jack is such a terrific artist. He's really very good with scissors.