Monday, June 29, 2009

The Commercial

So, today was the big day for the commercial. Jack woke up bright and early and was PSYCHED! So, was I, to be honest. We were going to have a fun day.

Yesterday, I had gotten a call from one of the assistant directors that our call time was 9am since we were super special and they wanted Jack for a different role.

Off we went to the fields. We got there and they pulled us outside right away. They had one child Chris and put him in a different shirt.

Meanwhile, another assistant director came up to me and said, "would you mind being in the commercial? We need you to push your "daughter" on a swing. Would that be ok? I love your green shirt."

So, one of the other Moms took care of Jack and I went off to the swingset with my new 10-year old daughter, Logan.

I get back and then they said, ok, that's it! Turns out that they wanted Jack as a BACK UP if they did not like the kid that they were hoping for! BUMMER! So, Jack just ended up being in the group ad. Mom, however? In the main ad.

Then, they brought in the other 50 kids and for the next four hours, they ran Jack back and forth. I can't believe that he made it!

In the commercial were: Hines Ward, of the Pittsburg Steelers, Antonio Gates of the San Diego Chargers and AJ Hawk of the Green Bay Packers.

So, if you are watching football this season and see a group of kids running around in a United Way ad, see if you can spot Jack! And if you see someone chasing another kid around in a field, look off into the distance and you'll see Goodnight Mom and her daugther, happily swinging.

Here are some shots. Me with my "daughter" Logan
Jack lives United

Here's your Where's Waldo moment. Can you see Jack??

Jack after about three hours.

Jack and his new friend, Hines Ward.


January said...

Woo hoo! Sounds like a great day. Always knew you were a SUPERSTAR!

It's Jan! said...

What a cool experience...and I LOVVVEEEE Hines Ward.

A day to remember, for sure!

Joseph O. said...

This only confirms what we already know: youa re made for TV, Azz Kikah!!! & how cute is Jack. Let us know when it'll air, etc.

Kells said...


Ellen Hanson said...

HI, I'm wondering if Eva has a website, Sean also has stage 3 nb.
love, Ellen

Vickie said...

Ready for an update on Jack and Eva!


Dad 2 eight said...

I also had a brief TV commercial career...Remember High's Ice Cream? 10 hours in production...for two 30 second spots...