Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jack's Barber Shop

So, we've had an interesting week this week. I came home from work on Monday to find that Jack had completely chopped his bangs off of his head.

To make matters worse, as I was cleaning up his room, I found this in an empty bucket that I had just purchased.

Anyway, Jon and I were VERY unhappy and on Wednesday, I took him off to the barber to get his hair evened out. I mean, school starts on MONDAY! First day of school pics are MONDAY! grrr.

Fast forward to Friday. I come home from work and I take a look at Eva and I'm like, what is wrong with her hair? It looks so strange. Hold it. Eva's bangs have a huge chunk taken out of them. Off to SuperCuts AGAIN!!!

Poor girl. I mean, it took her two years to get any hair at all. As soon as some was growing in, she started chemotherapy and lost it all. THEN, when it was finally growing in...bam! Barber Jack.

I was really unhappy. Here she is now. You can see the post below to check out her 'do last week.

So, tried to think of an effective punishment for Jack. Finally came up with two. One, he had to miss the two birthday parties for his three close friends today (a punishment for me, too, because I missed seeing the other Moms!) and two, he had to take out of the commercial money that he received for his NFL ad that he was saving to buy a camera and pay for the two haircuts.

The truth is, I felt horrible about the punishment. Jack has been an angel today and I really wanted him to go off with his friends. But, had to do what I had to do. I just have to take a look at Eva to get over it.

A friend of mine recommended that I sleep with one eye open since Jack might be in search of a new "client". Good advice, indeed!


vnlopez said...

Aww poor Jack but I agree with what you did and regardless of what Eva's hair looks like she still looks adorable. Also I know you and I may not see eye to eye but I still like you has a person and I also know how imprtant you are to Nathaniel and how much you love James already so did I say something for you to delete me off your friends list on facebook or was that a mistake (Also the only reason why I'm leaving this comment here is this is the only way I know to get in contact with you.) I would like us to be friends.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Vanessa, didn't know we weren't friends anymore. Must have been a glitch. I've rectified.

Hopefully, we won't have that again but next time you can just call or email.

Anonymous said...

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