Friday, July 27, 2007


I just got home from dinner. At 6pm, we took our family to Buca di Beppo. For those familiar with the FAMILY restaurant, it is a FAMILY restaurant that serves Italian food FAMILY style. My son thinks it is the greatest place ever.

Tonight, we were there and poor Eva hit the tired wall. When Jack was little, he could fall asleep anywhere. Poor Eva, she just can't. So, she cried. And cried. Jon and I took turns taking her out to calm down. Keep in mind, Eva is not the only child in this restaurant. There were literally hundreds of kids running around and yelling and the restaurant is LOUD.

So, Jon brings Eva back and I was finishing my meal to take my turn when some woman yelled from the next table, "please pack up your food and take your screaming child home."

I said, "excuse me?" She then said, "I did not come out to dinner to have a child screaming at the next table."

I could not believe my ears. I politely turned to her and said, "well, maybe you should have picked a different restaurant."

I'm not kidding when I say that it was all I could do not to hurl something (or expletives) at her. I took Eva out so Jon could finish his dinner.

Five minutes later, when Eva was happy, I brought her back and moved my chair so that woman could have a clear view of my daughter.



January said...

What a b*tch. Was she younger or older?

Sorry you had such as lousy night. Babies cry -- it happens. But for someone to say something in public is just rude and inconsiderate.

Migs said...

I'm surprised you could even hear her complain above all the noise in that restaurant! I've been there before, and I think it was louder than the Rolling Stones concert!

Minette said...

I can't believe this happened. The temerity of some people. It is hard enough to enjoy eating out with your kids without having rude people yell at you. I think you handled it beautifully! What a great way to model good behaviour to your kids.