Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fight at School

Jack comes home today and tells me about a scuffle he had with another student, James. Now, I have met James and think he is probably the most mild-mannered child on the planet and can only assume that Jack was somehow at fault.

So, I probe Jack further. Jack, why did James hit you?

"Mommy, because I called him Chad" What? "Yes, James wants to be called James and not Chad but I kept calling him Chad over and over." "He asked me to stop, I said, no, Chad, I will keep calling you Chad." This goes on for a while. I ask more questions and am just perplexed by the situation.

While he keeps telling me that he kept calling him Chad over and over, I was thinking why Chad? Does he even know a Chad? Is Chad on his soccer team? His yoga class?

Finally, I asked Jack if he called him Chad after another kid in school.

Jack looked at me and said, "No, Mommy. Chad like the country!!!"

How stupid of me not to think of that first. I guess I had better spring for that world map. I swear, sometimes, he's too smart for a three-year old. I think I'm in for it.

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