Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Ok, it is Wednesday, again.
Tuesdays seem to be a bit hard for me, right now. Maybe it is that I get all wrapped up with the Dancing with the Stars results show. I don't know. For the record, this season I am torn. I want Kristi to win, not only because we share a name and skating skill-level but because it is about time for a gal to win! But, Edyta...oh Edyta! It is your time, too, girl!
Last night, I had my first board meeting for the Family Advisory Board of the hospital where Eva stayed. While Eva was in the hospital, they were looking for volunteers to help serve on this committee. So, I did. The meeting went well. The topic? The ER. They asked the group, anyone been to our ER? I was like, yeah, which time in the three days would you like to know about? I think it will be good, though,and while I work in non-profit, it is nice to be volunteering again.
I can't seem to get Jack to keep/put his clothes on. I'm not sure quite what is going on but the Emperor in our house definitely has new clothes.
When I am on an airplane, I block the person in front of me from putting down their seat by placing my knee on the back of their chair. Then, I proceed to read a book or a magazine while they keep hitting the button and trying to get the seat back. I keep my knee there firmly in place until I am sure that he (it is ALWAYS a he!) thinks that his seat is broken. I know, it is awful but I'm sorry I am nearly 6ft tall and really? You HAVE to put your head in my face?
I was tricked on the flight home from NC by a guy sitting in the bulk head. I thought that surely, he has 20ft of room in front of him, why would he put his seat back? Bam, down he goes. When we boarded, I was so happy, too. I got the seat in the adjacent row while Jon took both kids as I had traveled with both by myself on the way out there. I thought, hey, I'm going to read my book this flight! This guy's seat was so far back, I could not get my book far enough away from my eyes so I could read!

So, I tried my tactic #2, seat bumping when I get up and down. Did not work. Ok, tactic #3, Jack? Want to sit in Mommy's lap for a bit? No go. Tactic #4, voodoo hex/hate eyes. Still did not work. So, for three hours, I sat cramped but that nice fella sure slept well. I hope he deserved it. I sure hope he was so tired from saving children from a burning building or perhaps feeding the hungry in Africa. If you are reading this Seat 31B, thanks a bunch!!!
I have decided that if I ever write a book, I would title it "In Vino Veritas: A Wine Guide to Parenting"
Eva does not speak very much but she does know more spanish than english. How sad is that? This weekend, I asked her if she was hungry, she just looked at me. Then I said, "Tienes tu hambre?" She said, "Si!"
One thing about Jack, he tells some great stories but he has no imagination. He would sit in a room and you would say, ok, Jack, tell me a story. It would go like this, "Once upon a time there was a boy named, Jack. He was in his room with his Mommy sitting on the bed. He looked up and saw a light bulb and then put away his toys. The end."

But for some reason, he has had an explosion of creativity. Because Jack has a reputation of always telling the truth, people always believe him. Here's what I have learned over the past two weeks when people have asked: 1-My car broke down and Eva, Jack and I got picked up by a tow truck, 2-Jack went to Austin, 3-Jack eats tree bark and worms regularly for breakfast and my favorite, 4-Jack has a 10-year old brother named Sammy who lives in Montreal by himself but comes to visit Jack every Friday while I am at work. Yeah, THAT one was really fun to explain to a school parent! Hmmm, maybe I should fact check with Jon just to be sure...
Eva is still up. Jon put her in her pack and play. Here's a last shot of her trying to break out. Time for bed!


polkadotwitch said...

let me know if you need to do any interviews for your wine parenting book. i could help you out there. i may also be able to help you put together its companion pieces: corona makes is easier to care for your kids and tequila sunrise: adventures of a mom and her margaritas.

about jack: must be something to do with the name. i think i gave you the heads up a while back. this is what my jack tells his teachers, for example, he goes out and has coffee with his friends.

Vickie said...

Your posts today really grabbed my attention and entertained me! Here's to St. Helene, naked Jacks, escaping Evas, and the delight of parenting via vin.


strawberryfields4ever said...

There are certainly wine drinking-parenting days for all of us! I loved the stories about Jack and Eva...don't ya just love 'em! Was Jack naked WHILE riding in the tow truck?!? Hope Dyda is doing better...I've been praying for him.

mariacristina said...

An adorable plumpy in the photo.

I love how the stories from Jack get back to you. I am smiling as I write, because it was so adorable.

You're a great writer, really. You have a great sense of humor, and it conveys so well through your words.

I know you were joking about the book, but, maybe you should consider it!

And the plane stories are true personal confessions, those little things we do that we're not proud of but we do them because we have to. We just have to.

I really dislike reading blogs where the persona of the writer is so pure, inocent, and better than the rest of humanity.

Dad 2 eight said...

You better take that "Spanish for Nannies" course you showed me on YouTube. The word for hunger in espanol is hAmbre. An hOmbre is a guy, generally considered a to be a rascal, much like Jack the Naked.

Goodnight, Mom said...


I LOVE your chapters!

You are correct. I should never blog at midnight. Made the correction, hombre.

...deb said...

I'm a late-responder this week!

I'm only 5'-8" but love your airplane-seat strategy. It rocks. Do you have one for the people who sit behind you (anywhere) and kick the seat? You know, the frantic foot-wiggle or toe-tapping? (Maybe that one doesn't bug you.)

If you ever wanted to tell me about the physical (how the building felt) side of your ICU experience with that (absolutely gorgeous, can her smile be any prettier?) girl, I would like to hear it. That's a lot to ask, though. I'll assume you said you help by joining in the hospital's patient-family feedback loop is outstanding.

As difficult as the time was with my mother, it can not be as difficult as a mother. It just can't be.

Love the Jack-stories. Those are amazing.

Alex said...

¡Hola Eva!Estas buenĂ­sima. Y entonces estas muy bonita. Su madre y yo son amigos viejos and no peudo esperar veer tu y su hermano tanto.