Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Ok, Jana presented a challenge and I'm going to take a swing. Let's see how this goes.

Jana has started her blog list of "confession Tuesdays" for quite sometime. I do really enjoy them. So, here I go:

-I just ate three girl scout cookies (samoas that I had put in the freezer yesterday, to get them just right). We got a shipment at the office because we are a newspaper and they want us to write about how great they are. Ok, mission accomplished.

-I quit my job today. I guess this is not quite a confession but I just got a great job at the YMCA of Dallas and I can't wait to start even though I will miss it here (and especially the advance girl scout cookies!)

-I'm really sad we don't have snow here. It sure would be nice for a couple of days of really cold weather when I could take the kids out to throw snowballs. Then, I want it to get to 75 degrees immediately.

-This morning at the hair salon when he was coloring my gigantic patches of grey hair, I read an US Weekly cover to cover.

Any confessions for you???


Laura said...

Keep this idea. It's fun and will force you to blog on Tuesdays. I can't wait to hear you juicy tidbits. If you don't have any, make some up!!!
My Tuesday confession-everyday I eat soup right out of the can for lunch. Isn't that gross?

January said...

If I could mail you a little snow I'd gladly do it because we've got plenty.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Laura, are you kidding me?? Wow, that must be gooood soup! :)

And, Jana, I'd love some of your snow!

Anonymous said...

congrats on a new job and for being so excited about it. even though it's very sad that the girl scout cookies might not be so welcome @ the YMCA.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Oh, the girl scout cookies will still be welcome! It is just that I won't get them in ADVANCE anymore!

susan said...

Congratulations on your new job! Only three cookies? Eating a box is worth confessing only eating three merits bragging. :-)

Kimberley (at Red Moon) said...

I'm checking out the great blogs doing confession tuesday. congrats on the new job, I'm starting a new job too that I absolutely love.

I miss snow too here in southern california - our only weather is wind, sunshine, heat and 3 drops of rain!

Migs said...

I just ate half a pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food, and I can't even remember what it tasted like. How's that for mindlessness?