Thursday, January 31, 2008

Red Paint

Why is it that when children decide to break into paint to paint your walls, they always, always, always pick the bright red paint?

I came home from work tonight at 8:30pm, completely exhausted from my first week at my new job and my first full-time job in nearly two years only to find Jack covered in bright red paint.

I went down the hallway and there it was.

A red-striped wall.

A red-striped door.

Red paint on my couch.

Red paint everywhere.

My first inclination, of course, was to throttle him. Thankfully for his little neck, I had just come from a Y function where people had talked about how the Y had changed their lives when they had nothing. So, since I had a house and food on the table, I had been feeling pretty blessed.

Then I saw the red paint.

Though my clinched teeth, I said, "Jack, honey, why did you paint my walls?" He looked at me with those giant brown eyes and said, "But Mommy, I wanted to make the wall beautiful for you! Isn't it beautiful?"



strawberryfields4ever said...

Joanna and I once had a similiar experience, only it was with lipstick. At least it would come off with a little day you will laugh. One day, probably not in the near future, but one day. :) Just wait...there will be more to come honey!

Goodnight, Mom said...

Lipstick might actually be harder, I think than the paint.

I'm still waiting for that laughing day!!!


January said...

You're a better person that I, because if it were Alex I would have throttled him. And mande him repaint the wall.