Monday, January 28, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Here we are, again, another week! I have not posted much this week because I was off with my family in NC. Had a great time even with half of the family going down one by one with a stomach bug. Not my kids or me so all is well! (I guess my poor sister who had to clean up after four sick people in her house is probably be throwing darts at a photo of me right now!)

Ok, and we're off!

1. I'm actually writing this on Monday night. I started my new job today so I don't know how much inspiration or time I will have tomorrow.
2. I love my new DVR. What did I do before it? Do I need fifteen minutes to get supper on? Jack, here's Fireman Sam for ya! No need to get a tape out or deal with the fact that there are multiple episodes on the tape. Just fifteen minutes of quiet bliss.
3. I need to get into shape...bad. Have this whole new plan in my head for the new year but have eaten Mexican food three meals in two days. Ugh. Guess I'll get going "next week".
4. I had to sign and HR document today that said that I would not swear at work. Sh*t! What am I going to do now??!!

Happy Tuesday!


Laura said...

Bless me Kriti - for I have sinned...I have been eating way too many sweets everyday...I seem to have lost my ability to say no. Last Friday, I ate a big bag of M&M's for dinner...seriously.
What's my penance?

Laura said...

Oops...sorry for the name whack job....

Goodnight, Mom said...

Well, my child, that is difficult, indeed. Your penance is three "hail mary" football passes for excercise.

Good news for all of us. Lent is on the horizon!

susan said...

Not swear? I try, but I truly have a potty mouth. Do try to do the meme I posted. Don't care when. Just holla if you get it done.

January said...

Not swear? Good luck with that!

Congrats with the new job. Once you get a routine in place, the workouts will follow.

Don't know Fireman Sam ... but don't tell me. Just one more character I don't have to watch with the kids.

Goodnight, Mom said...

PBS Kids Sprout, baby! Sam is only on on the weekends. It's actually not bad. British claymation. Jack LOVES it!

polkadotwitch said...

hi, GM! i'm so curious about that document: does it outline the consequences for swearing? that's very interesting!

don't beat yourself up about the mexican food. it's so enticing -- how could you be to blame? :)

mariacristina said...

Hi! I just joined witchy's confession booth, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm sad from reading about your old friend Susie. She was a gorgeous girl. What a head of shiny blond hair!

And I'm amused by your son's red paint fiasco. Thank goodness you didn't get mad at the little guy. He was trying to please his mommy.
Who was watching him (or not)? :)

You write very candidly about your life. Good luck with your new job. It's tough going back after being home with the kids for so long.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Of course, my husband was in charge. Usually, he's good but guess he got distracted. Ugh.