Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I can't believe that a week has gone by since last I posted! I have so much to write but just no time or energy to do it. I promise that tonight, I'll go to bed early and get some rest so that tomorrow night, I can do a proper post.


Here's where we are:

Had round 3 of chemo last week. Finally saw the pictures of the MRI. The tumor that was four inches long has been reduced to one inch!!!! The other tumor is GONE! This is just after two rounds of chemo. We have two more!

Got through all the vomiting with this round. All went well. Her counts are up so we're coasting a bit for the next two weeks (hopefully...please God?) and then the final round the week of Thanksgiving.

Ok, have to run, I'm fading FAST. These 5am work days are tough!


Laura said...

Shrinking tumor!!!
Thank you God.
Glad to have you back to your blog.

Mary Beth said...

Awesome awesome news!!!! Eva made such amazing progress! I'm beyond happy for all of you!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Rest. God bless.

Anonymous said...

wwwwhhhhhoooohooooooo! Go Eva!
Love, Cousin Debra

Goodnight, Mom said...

Thank you all sooo much!