Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Note from Jon

This was sent from my hubby yesterday. Thought it summed things up nicely.

Eva had a “check under the hood” appointment today, and all is well. Her blood counts are excellent, and she’s even gaining weight, hitting 28.2 lbs. We are good to go for Round 4 of chemo starting Monday. It will be 3 days of chemo, then 3 weeks of recovery. In mid-December, we will do an MRI to assess the tumor and our next steps. Options include:

1. More chemo
2. Surgery to remove the tumor
3. Nothing (MRIs every so often to watch and see)

I must say the farther we go, the more I am impressed by how damn tough Eva is becoming. When they stabbed her to take blood today, she didn’t cry, wince, jerk her hand, nothing. Stone cold face, watching intensely as the blood drops went into the vial. Man, maybe others would say, “so what, that’s normal”, but it gets me every time.


Laura said...

That is amazing.
Your family is amazing.

Dad 2 eight said...
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Dad 2 eight said...

She is becoming her mother.

Love DAD

PS Former post had a spelling error!!!

Amy Jo said...

She is a tough all are! I am thinking of you all this morning. I'm sending much love your way.