Monday, November 24, 2008

Back from the Great Unknown

Well, here I am sitting in the doctor's office. Eva is asleep in the crib next to me. We are on Day 1 of our fourth round of chemo. If all goes well, this will be the last round we'll ever need. Obviously, someone up above has his own plans but here's to hoping!

It has been so long since I've updated my blog on a regular basis. To be honest, I'm just exhausted. I go to work at this insane hour, work 11 hr days five days per week, and then go to bed around 8pm every night. I've also had family in town for Eva so when I am home and up late, I'm just with them. Excuses, excuses, I guess. Time to get back on the train.

Also, since my Dyda passed away, I've just not been feeling very creative. I miss him terribly. That week was such a blur with Eva in the hospital with an infected port. I figured out that I slept in seven different beds in 10 days. When I got back from Virginia from the funeral, that first night, I freaked out when Jon came to bed. I thought I was in a hotel room by myself and had no idea why this MAN was climbing into bed!!! YIKES!!!

As Jon wrote last week, Eva is doing great. She is just the funniest and happiest person you can meet. Today, we're here and SAVED by my dear cousins who sent Eva her very own Imagination Movers DVD that they taped from the television. We're all Movers all the time and having 10 episodes at our disposal makes quite the happy child. THANK YOU BROWDERS!

Jack is also fine. Just his usual hyper, hilarious, outgoing self. Nothing really to write about him.

Anyway, that's the quick update on us. I've also finally gotten our house wireless so Jon and I can BOTH work at the same time (YEAH) and not have to work in the kitchen attached to the wall. That alone was a drain on creativity!

I hope you are all well. More to come. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers!


Vickie said...

I can certainly understand all the creativity vampires that lurk in the world where we both currently operate. Here's wishing you your own bed and own wireless.


Anonymous said...

it's great to hear your voice echoing across the wire(less). :) don't be hard on yourself ... it takes creativity just to get through each day. :) hugs!

Carolyn Wing said...

I am happy to see you are back on the train, just tell the conductor to take it slow!!!!! Praying that this is the last chemo visit for you ever. Hugs and prayers. Carolyn Wing grandma to Laura Stage IV neuroblastoma page name LauraVDB

January said...

Give yourself a break! You can do it all, Special K, just not all at once. If you can find a few minutes to write in a journal or read a book, take it. Your creativity hasn't left, just taken a back seat to life.

Glad Eva is doing well. Hope you can upload new kid pics this week over the Thanksgiving break.