Thursday, January 08, 2009

And then there were 13...

Tonight, James Nathan became my 7th nephew. Add him to my 6 nieces and that totals 13! Is that excessive to have 13 nieces and nephews? How lucky I am!!!

James arrived this evening in North Carolina. I'm told he looks just like my brother, who by the way, looks just like my son. Big ears, big eyes. Just my type. So, I'm sure I'll take a pretty good shine to him.

I can't believe my Nathaniel is a father. Nip (as we call him) is the 6th child of the 8. He was born just 15 months later than his older brother. Nip was scrawny and as I told him looked like a Mickey Mouse lollipop, just a stick with ears. Big ears, big eyes. Just my type.

As he grew, I always felt that it was my job to protect him from the outside world. I was the one to make sure his shoes were tied and shirt tucked in before he left the house. If someone messed with him, I was the one there to make sure that they did not do it again. True story but I once threatened to beat up some kids who were making fun of him at the park. They were 6. I was 20. You didn't mess with my Nip.

Now, at 6ft 5in and 200 some odd lbs, it's my little Nip's turn to take care of a little one. It's his job to beat up the kids.

Don't you worry little James. Your Daddy will take great care of you. If not, your Aunt is right there on the next swing. Don't you worry, I can take them.

Welcome James with your big ears and big eyes! A big kiss from your Aunt.


Kimberly said...

Congratulations on your new nephew.

(I feel old, I remember Nathaniel as a baby!)

Amy Jo said...

Nippy as a daddy...good heavens I am old. I am so very happy for them! Congratulations!

Migs said...

So sweet. Thanks for sharing and congrats to the entire and very large Dozier clan. I'm certain there are many more to come.

January said...

Ahhh, Nippy!

Welcome to the world James and congrats to the whole Dozier clan.

vnlopez said...

I cant wait for you to come up and James Nathan can finally meet his Aunt Binky, James is so lucky to have an Aunt like just the same way as his father to have a sister like you. WE LOVE YOU ^_^

Flession said...

Yup yup. It pays to have a really cute genetic code!

He's great and everything, and I can't wait for you to meet him!