Monday, January 05, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Ok, here's my first confession in a LONG while. Let's have at it, shall we?
My house looks awful. It is currently in a state of disarray due to the fact that we moved the kids in together and reorganized the now guest/playroom. We still have lots of work to do but since I've been working on it non-stop since Friday afternoon, I just needed a mental break tonight. So, I cooked dinner, fed the kids, put them to bed and sat down to WATCH THE BACHELOR-- NEW THIS WEEK!!! GO JASON! GO JASON! GO, GO JASON!
Jon says of all the stuff I make him watch, which is PLENTY, mind you, The Bachelor is by far the worst. Maybe so, but when you have the right group of folks on that show, it can be like the world's best chocolate cake you get to eat for 10 weeks.
While staying with my sister over Christmas, I learned to love HGTV. Mostly, Designed to Sell. You always think your house looks ok and then you watch those HGTV shows and realize how your house looks like crap. The good news about that particular show is that they have some pretty simple, short projects that don't look that hard. They also make me want to organize, throw away, organize, replace, repaint, organize. Time to make Jon do some watching.
I'm going to Mexico in less than two weeks. My dear friend, Shug, is turning 40 and we are hitting the beach for four days of R & R. I just had to mention that because it is on my mind given the fact that it was sleeting outside today. I'm sure I'll mention it, again.
Speaking of things on my mind. I can't stop cracking myself up at the thought of my Ikea Depot. You'd walk into this bright blue building, have a handful of these parts and then ask the friendly Sweede, "Where can I find square plastic pegs?" "Oh, but of course, you may find zem near zee round plastic pegs on aisle 5 just past zee meatballs".

I don't know why my Sweede talks with a french accent but it's my fantasy, so deal with it.
Speaking of our trip to Ikea on Saturday night, it was the night that my dearest son, Jack decided to try out his first swear word. He was tired and cranky and turned to me in the store and said, "Mom, let's just go get the damn bed." I think I almost paralyzed myself by snapping my head so fast around to look at him. Now, for the record, if he had said a word that rhymes with spit, I would have known it came from me as that seems to be the only remnant of my former "sailor" ways. HOWEVER, "damn" is all Jon. I blame football (English and American), really. Jon mostly only swears when football is on.

Anyway, I thought he might have learned his lesson on Saturday but guess what? He did not. Tonight, over dinner, Jack said, "Mom, what the hell is this?" (Ok, for the record, that MIGHT have come from me.)

I won't write the punishment I provided to my darling boy so that I don't have any parents writing me mean notes but I have to say, I do believe Jack's mouth might be a bit cleaner from now on. Literally.
Ok, so I've mentioned that my kids are fond of naked. They have naked racing almost every night through the house. I've finally convinced them to at least put on underpants as they run through the house admiring their buttocks in mirrors. I mean, really, honestly. Anyway, Saturday, it was 78 degrees here and we had all the windows and doors open on the house. The kids had made mud pies outside and needed a bath. After the bath, Jack comes sprinting out of the bathroom, jumps on a bed and yells out the front window, "HELLO NEIGHBORS! IT'S PARTY TIME AND I'M NAKED!!!!!"
Ok, off to bed. Happy Tuesday!!!


Laura said...

Liquid or bar?

Amy Jo said...

Those teen years are gonna be tough...if he's partying naked now, what's next?!? :P

Vickie said...

You are raising my children, both of whom liked naked and both of whom have tasted soap after letting one slip. Neither one will utter a naughty word in front of me now (age 11 and 20).


Kimberly said...

So, I am reading this at work, which I think is a HUGE mistake since I am trying so hard not to laugh at the visual I have of Jack on your bed in front of the window. OMG...That is so freaking hysterical.

My 6 year old used to wear pullups with Hulk and Spiderman on them. He would say "I have my Hulk on my a$$." All the naughty words that come out of my kids mouths have come from my hubby, which I guess is just luck...and thankfully so considering my two favorite words :o)

Lori said...

My 2-year old loves being naked too. We do the "Naked Now!" run from the bathroom to her bedroom.

She has also repeated Daddy's "Sh" word.

Migs said...

Thanks for making me laugh! I love the naked party time thing. Thank goodness that was Jack and not Jon!

January said...

I prefer liquid.

Remind me to tell you of Ella's potty mouth. No swears, really. Just kid swears involving the word "poop." Maybe I'll save it for a confession.