Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Hi Everyone and Happy Tuesday!
NEWS ALERT! Talked to the surgeon yesterday. He visited with Dr. Goldman. From the results we received over Christmas, we believe that the tumor is a matured tumor or a benign tumor. If it never grows, it will not harm her in anyway and might go away on its own. The reason they would like to do surgery is to 1-remove the tumor and 2-biopsy it to be sure what it is made of.

Now, on to the conversation with the surgeon. Bottom line is that this tumor is in a terrible location for surgery. It's right on the spine and in order to remove it, they will have to move around Eva's diaphragm, adrenal glands, and kidneys during surgery. That sounds like a terrible thing to happen to a 2-year old.

What's the plan? They want to leave it in there and watch it for another month. Pediatric tumors grow very quickly so we should know something very soon if it is going to grow. So, we're in holding pattern #47 for a bit.
Ok, let me just get this out of the way. I'M LEAVING FOR MEXICO IN TWO DAYS!!!!! WAHOO!!! It's my BFF, Shug's, 40th birthday and there are 6 of us heading down for some R&R. I'm working on my gin hand because my girlfriend has been talking trash for a couple of weeks and I need to take her DOWN! It's you and me, sista, on the thatched-roofed balcony over looking the ocean. You know the one!
I'm 100% certain that my co-workers are THRILLED that this trip will finally be over. I've done nothing but jump up and down and talk about it for weeks. As it is getting closer, I jump higher and talk more frequently.
I have canceled so many things for this trip to save money. I've had my eyes on the prize for six months.
Ok, enough about that. Can I get a WAHOO for the return of the Bachelor??? I loves me some Jason. If you're a fan and watch the show, check out some recaps. This one has been a favorite of mine for several years. Chris Harrison also blogs on ew.com and is hilarious!
Oh, those Golden Globes were great. I'm filing away my picks for the big Oscar tournament coming soon. Anyone have any early favorites to discuss?
Took Jack to an open house today for a public Montessori school. First of all, we LOVE our school and plan to keep Jack there but to save $8,000 per year, it was worth a look, especially when everyone keeps telling us what a great school it is! There were hundreds of parents there for the open house. I could not believe it. I heard from one parent that some folks camp out the night before to make sure that they are among the first to get their child's application in. That is certainly not for me!
Jack will NOT get into this school and not because I refuse to sleep in a sleeping bag in 30 degree weather. The very kind teacher leading the class told us some of the basic requirements for an upcoming KINDERGARTNER (a child aged 4, now). They include: being able to write your full name (first, middle and last), count to 100, reading, and "basic math" such as addition and subtraction of two digit numbers. She also said that some kids can write all their numbers from 1-100...at FOUR!


While I have always known that Jack was very advanced verbally, he's very behind in his writing skills. He can barely draw a straight line, much less write his full name. Alas, guess that's just not for us. Thank heavens because I would hate to feel guilty for not behaving like a crazy parent.
I seem to recall that I learned to read in kindergarten. I also learned to count to 10 in french. Beyond that, I think it was mostly play. I mean, it's kindergarten, for goodness sakes! Why do they have to name the continents by four? (for the record, Jack can.) Maybe it is just me.
That's it for the week.


Amy Jo said...

I hope that you are able to get LOTS and LOTS of R&R!!! Have fun and relax! You deserve it!

January said...

Well, sorry Eva has to go through another surgery. Poor thing. Well, at least you and your family have a good support network.

Can’t believe kids have to count to 100 to get into kindergarten at that school. Alex can count to 20, and can probably go higher with help. He can write his first and last name, not sure about middle. But Alex has been asking to learn to read. It all falls into place eventually.

Enjoy Mexico, hija!

Nicole said...

WTF about Dealey Montessori? I don't know any preschool (including our fabulous Montessori) that would expect a 4 year old to know ALL of those things. I guess that's an easy way for them to weed out 75% of the people who would apply.

Nan and Gid said...

Have a FANTASTIC time in Mexico! June (who is almost 6) does NOT know her continents (not sure she even knows what a continent is) or write numbers to 100. She CAN count to 100 (which she likes to do over and over again in the car while demanding we all listen to her and not talk). Her lines aren't very straight either.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Thanks, guys. You're really making me feel better! Was beginning to think that Jack was FAR behind! I mean, I thought these were the things you LEARNED at school. And besides that, what kind of drills are parents doing to their kids to make them be able to do this at 4?? Disturbing.

vnlopez said...

Have fun on your trip, also I cant believe you pay $8,ooo a year for school, Nathaniel and I have talked about putting James in private but we'll just never be able to afford it, alas our lil guy will just have to triumph in public school wahoo for less pressure!

Greta said...

Yay for the trip to Mexico! I'm more than a little envious.
And yay for Eva's tumor being benign! I hope that it will just go away on its own.
I assume you're talking about Dealey. Yeah, we looked last year and I wasn't about to go through the hell to get my kids in. Yes, I have coworkers who camp out ALL night to make sure their application is in first. My kid can write, but not her full name. She certainly couldn't do it at four! You should check out Lindsley Park Montessori.