Friday, February 13, 2009

Today's MRI

I'm off this morning to take Eva for her MRI. I heard last night from the GOOD anesthesiologist (yeah) that he was going to do her procedure.

I'm going in very hopeful that all is well. We got news yesterday that her catecholemine test (that urine test that detects cancer markers) was normal. It could still be normal and we could see growth of that tumor but for now, I'm hoping that is just the case.

Just an aside, as I only have a moment this morning. I've been meaning to write all week. I have lots of photos from the auction, which I will post this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, my wonderful hubby has arranged for a Valentine's Day spectacular! We're heading to New Orleans to Mardi Gras this evening. WAHOO! I can't wait!

That's just a bit of random notes. More later.

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Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Have a spectacular Valentine Vacation!