Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Good evening!

Well, I'm finally sitting down for the evening. What a day! Tonight, I came home and had to hit the laundromat. What, you say? Yep, we're back on the laundromat trail.

Here's what happened. Our house started splitting. I mean cracks became VERY wide. So, we called a foundation person. They came out and said that our problem was not the foundation but the standing water that we had. So, we called a plumber. Plumber said, yep, standing water. Apparently, our sink and our washing machine basically just dump under the house, thus the movement. The plumber said that he could not fix our problem because as he said we have "Indiana Jones" spiders under the house. Spiders?? So, I called our exterminator to come. He said that he could not come until the standing water was gone because of the compound that he uses. The plumber had to come pump out the water and now we're waiting to dry. For one week, we have not had a kitchen sink or a washing machine. You don't even want to know what we're doing over here!

Scary part? We're all walking on top of a colony of spiders...creepy!
Tomorrow, my baby boy turns 5. I don't know what to say about that because every time I think of it, I start crying. Five just seems like a big boy. You know? Not a little one but a 5 year old! Uh, oh. Waterworks.
Even though I believe that he is really happy, I'm still mad at The Bachelor.
Jack told me yesterday that he wished that I had a beard. I'm just thankful that I don't (yet).
I'm having a HUGE birthday party for Jack at a local park. We've rented a covered park area. Just found out that it is supposed to rain on Sunday. Crap.
Speaking of Jack's birthday, I have such an amazing surprise for him. We've got tickets to the Imagination Movers on Saturday for him. I wrote them to ask them if they would give Jack a shout-out for his birthday. They told me that they wanted for us to come backstage for the meet and greet! Jack will be so excited! Oh, and Eva, I just don't know what she will do! She will love it! I'm so happy that we can do this for them!
My parents are coming! My parents are coming! My parents are coming!
I saw The Women (the new one) on Sunday. First, let me say that The Women (the original) is one of my all time favorite movies. While I often hate remakes, I was willing to give this one a try. I mean, it had a decent cast. Oh my goodness, was that painful. PAINFUL! I'm so sorry if you loved this movie, but I could barely get through it. For those The Women lovers, please rent the original 1939 version. Rosalind Russell is a classic.
That's it. Nothing really exciting here. Just a bunch of water and spiders.


Laura said...

Three comments.
1) Love Jack
2) Hate spiders ewwwww
3) Your DAD is a DEACON!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me feel a little better. We are dealing with our kitchen sink/dishwasher pipes that have leaked/burst for about the 10th time this season. We did have what we think was a mouse that ate part of the baby's car seat two days before she was born. I think we have to wait for spiders to arrive here until around spring. Good luck!!! I feel your pain. Chrissy

Brad said...

"Indiana Jones" spiders? I'm trying to visualize what he meant by "Indiana Jones" spiders.

I would have only one solution to this problem. Burn the house down.