Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Well, a happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! I hope that those who are embracing the green beer are having fun. I'm sure that none of those people are reading this right now. If you are, put the computer away! Do not drink and email! I've done it. It is not pretty!!
Here we are another week down. I had a great week this week because my sister came to town! Wahoo! I took off a half a day on Friday so that we could just hang out together and celebrate our birthdays, which are three days apart. With five kids between us (mostly hers) and one on the way (hers, again), it was so nice to not have to be mommies for about nine hours and just be us. We went to the movies, went to Sephora, walked around and looked purses we could not afford, it was awesome.
On Saturday, we went to the Dallas St. Patrick's Day parade. It was quite interesting, let me say. Overall, we did have a great time and cracked up at the cleverness of some of the floats. One of my best girlfriends was in the parade with her roller derby team which was awesome and very fun to see. Eva and Jack loved to catch those beads. Eva wore every bead that she caught and had quite a collection at the end of it!
Only one slight damper set me over the edge, I must say. On Monday I fired off a letter to the City Councilwoman, Angela Hunt, who is in charge of that district, regarding something that was attached to a set of beads one of the floats threw to my five-year old son and my two-year old daughter. I won't go into it because I might get fired up, again. Let's just say that I was really hoping to put off the "what are those?" discussions with Jack for a bit longer. Councilwoman Hunt kind of blew me off but I'm not finished yet. I've written a letter to the newspaper.
I changed my profile picture for the first time in almost two years. I have a facebook page that I change quite regularly but for some reason, I've kept this same picture here. But, I thought, hey, Eva is almost in college, I should probably update the kids. Maybe someday, I'll have someone draw a really cool picture of me with the kids and I'll just use that forever more. I mean, the Simpsons don't get old, why should my kids?
Jack and Eva are on spring break this week. This has caused many challenges. 1) How do I get Jack out of the house for a couple of hours each day so that my nanny does not quit? 2) How do I get Jack out of the house for a couple of hours each day so that Eva will not be seriously injured? 3) How do I get Jack out of the house for a couple of hours each day and wear him down so that he'll sleep at night? At the last minute, I signed him up for a local swim camp for the week. He loves it and it wears his toushie out. Everybody wins!
I turn 39 on Friday. Now, I know that age is just a number and that I'm very youthful in spirit and I still stay up too late, dance my bottom off, and drink way too much for my age but the other day, when I said it out loud to someone, I could hardly believe it. Where did my 30's go?

It seems like five minutes ago that I threw my own 30th birthday party at Dyda's house. I had so many good friends there. Maybe it is not that I'm struggling with the actual number. Maybe I'm just struggling with the passage of time. I feel great. I'm happy in my life. With the exception of the fact that only my darling hairdresser really knows the extent of my grey (it's a lot), I think I look pretty young. I just can't believe all that happened in my 30's.

Here's a brief recap:

-Started dating my husband
-Got engaged five months later in Paris
-Traveled to India, Australia, Japan and Korea all by myself with meeting various friends/family members along the way
-Moved to Texas (cannot still believe I live so far from the coast!)
-Got married
-Did a bunch of more traveling (love those AA bene's!!!)
-Had Jack
-Did more traveling
-Had Eva
-Stopped traveling
-Eva got sick
-Eva got better
-Turned 39

That's quite a decade! Well, I guess I'll just embrace it. Come on 39! That only gives me one year to plan the 40th birthday blow out!! Time is ticking away and heaven only knows, it sure does go fast!!


Laura said...

Your still a puppy.
40's are great.
It's a very bold time.
Embrace and enjoy what is to come.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Oh, I'm definitely ready. I guess I'm just having trouble understanding where the last nine years went, you know???

January said...

Yes, that's quite a decade. Happy birthday a few days early.

If you think 39 is fun, wait until the 40s.(words I never thought I'd utter.)

Lori said...

Happy Birthday! I so enjoy your youthful spirit when I read your blog.

Amy Jo said...

I remember the 30th party like it was yesterday...it was practically last week!

I share your inability to grasp the passing of the last nine years...I am right there just a few months behind you. At least you didn't have to take your kid to look at colleges over the weekend...talk about a reality check.

I hope that you had a marvelous birthday...I totally missed it and will have to call you this weekend. I've been mia recently...sick and busy. Tell Jon that I am proud of his baldness boldness :)

love you so much! Happy belated b day!!