Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eva and Her Hair

I'm going to write about our awesome St. Baldrick's Day a bit later. I just had to post this as I'm on my way out.

I've often said that the one thing that I will be happy with Eva's hair growing out is that people will stop thinking she's a boy. I think that the short hair becomes her and makes her look a bit like a "bad a**" but often people are shocked when they hear she's a girl. I say things like, she's wearing pink shoes? Why would you think she's a boy?

Anyway, back to tonight.

We went out to dinner tonight at one of our favorite german restaurants. I have to say, Eva was a riot. There was an accordian player and Eva demanded that we dance and clap to every song. We were having such a nice time.

As we were starting to leave, I took Eva to the restroom. As I was coming out, this woman was coming in and stopped me.

She said, "How old is he?"

I said, "Oh, she's 2.5yrs"

Woman: "She's a girl?"

Me: "Yes."

Woman with a snarl: "Let her hair grow out!"

Me in shock also with a snarl: "She has cancer. I am letting her hair grow out."

She just stood there. I mean, I have never been so satisified to tell someone that my kid had cancer. Serves her right to tell folks how to cut their children's hair.

The great irony? She had short hair.



Kristin said...

People are IDIOOOOOOOTS sometimes! I hope you changed the way that woman approaches people for good!

Gina said...

I never comment, but that was awesome. Go you! I hope that women felt like an idiot! I can't quit smiling thinking about how shocked she must have been. Can't wait to hear about St. Baldricks.

January said...

I agree, people are idiots. And rude, to boot!

Can't wait for the details about St. Baldricks. The FB photos are great!

Erin said...

I hope she felt like an arse for the rest of the night. The NERVE.

(I'm a lurker--friend of Jan's--and have been keeping all of you in my prayers. Eva is such a rock star!)

Kelee said...

I'm fairly certain you ruined her evening. Goes to show you that not everything that is in your head should come out of your mouth. What a dumb butt. It's a shame that a 2 year old has to teach a biatch a lesson. Nice growl, Kristi!