Monday, April 27, 2009

Hand and Foot

Sometimes bad days can just be very well-timed.

Four weeks ago, we had scheduled a gathering with some friends to play Hand and Foot tonight.

For those not in "the know", hand and foot is an awesome card game very simliar to canasta. It is the main source of entertainment for my family when we gather together.
A couple of weeks ago, I taught some friends at our girls weekend away to play. We sat down and played for 7 straight hours. It was so much fun.
As we all sat down to play tonight, I felt very "Desperate Housewives-y" as my girlfriends gathered to gossip, drink wine and play some cards.

Since I had left the office depressed and since I'm at home all by myself (Jon and the kids are in New Orleans at the JazzFest), this diversion really helped pull me out of the funk.

It's so great to have girlfriends. I'm so blessed.


vnlopez said...

your lucky to have girlfriends i dont have any here in greensboro.. so i know you definitely liked having them around ^_^

Migs said...

You can't take a picture like that and talk about a game with so bizarre of a name and not tell us how to play or at least direct us to a website to learn!