Monday, April 27, 2009

JazzFest Weekend

Ok, lots to post today.

Jon and the kids are in New Orleans at the JazzFest. I had a conference here this weekend in Dallas so I stayed behind to work.

Now, before you all think I've lost my mind and missed my FIRST JAZZFEST IN 19 YEARS, not to worry. I'm heading out there on Wednesday. Oh, have I mentioned that Jon Bon Jovi is playing there on Saturday?? YES! BON JOVI IS AT JAZZFEST! Wahoo!!!

Anyhoo, thought I would post a couple of pics that Jon sent to me of the kids. They, of course, went to see the Imagination Movers on Saturday. They loves them some Movers!! Oh, and for those Mom's out there, recognize the gal with the kids?? It's Nina!


Laura said...

That looks like so much fun...Matt and I will have to go one year.
I don't really like Jazz but I love a good party.

Goodnight, Mom said...


There's not much Jazz. Did you read that Bon Jovi is playing??? :)

Check out the lineup!

January said...

It it possible that Jack has been to more Jazzfests than me? That's just wrong. I must correct that next year.

Migs said...

Did you pull the cancer card to get that superstar to pose with your kid?