Monday, April 27, 2009

Maybe It Was the Cheez-its

Well, talked to the doctor today. Turns out that Eva's HVA counts are up. Actually, a pretty big jump from last month . Her VMA counts were down just a bit.

So, what does that mean for those non-NB pals of mine? Well, these are tumor markers. Eva shows whether or not there is cancer present in her body based on these levels. The higher the levels, the more likely there is for tumors.

Good news is that the doctor is not pushing the panic button for now, as the counts are still within normal level. The last time we went through this in June, the counts stayed in "normal" for several months, slowly increasing towards abnormal.

The next step is to have an MRI, which we already scheduled for early May.

Another piece of good news is that it may be nothing. These tests can react to food that you eat. It is not likely that they will jump so high as a result of food, but hey, at this point, I'm going to hold on to anything.

Keeping Eva away from those Cheez-its.


Angel said...

Hannah and I said a prayer for Eva tonight. Hannah has that direct line to God, you know. We'll keep the prayers coming. I love you and wish I were there with you.

Vickie said...

I am so sorry about your worries. I suspect it is the Cheez-its.

Greta said...

We are praying hard for Eva. Hope this is just a little weird blip and everything goes back to normal at next checkup.

Nan and Gid said...

Thinking of you all and hoping to see you and your family soon! We are praying for you.

January said...

I hope it's the Cheez-its! Saying a prayer for Eva and the family.