Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Plumbing Problem

I might have mentioned this a time or seven but it seems as if every time Jon goes out of town, something crazy with the house happens and I have to take care of it. You might recall the story of the storm and the tree falling on the carport, or perhaps the "monster in the hamper" incident when a possum some how crawled into my house and into my laundry basket.

Well, here we are, again. Freaky emergency.

Tonight, I had to pack for my big trip to meet my family in New Orleans. I got in all my shows (Dancing with the Stars, My Boys and Rescue Me) and was feeling pretty good about going to bed at 11pm.

Fast forward to 1:30am.

I'm dead asleep. Then, I hear it, gurgle gurgle gurgle water rushing gurgle water rushing, coming from the bathroom.

I leap out of bed and immediately see that the tub and the toilet have water and it is rising. I grab a plunger. No help. I try to use it on the bathtub. No help. I start to run through the house. No liquid plumber. Can't find the snake. UGH! Gurgle gurgle water rushing....

Call Jon. No answer. Call Jon again. No answer. Water rushing gurgle gurgle water rushing.


Wha? It suddenly stopped. Water starts to drain from bathtub and from toilet. Ok, bad dream. Go back to bed. Call plumber in the morning.

15 minutes later. Gurgle gurgle gurgle water rushing water rushing. Call Jon. No answer. Darnit Jon where is your phone??? Find the snake. Try to snake the bathtub. No luck. Where is the water cut off? Call Jon. No answer. Must make horrible call to Jon's mother's house phone at 2am. Oh, God. "Um, Phyllis? I'm so sorry to bother you, there's a plumbing emergency. May I speak to Jon?"

Jon gets on the phone. No answers to my problem. No idea where the cut off is. GREAT. Must take trip to CVS at 2am to get liquid plumber. Jon says to call him on his cell when I get back home.

Get back home, liquid plumber goes in. All water gone.

Call Jon. No answer.

Sleep well, honey. I've got it all under control over here.


January said...

You house is haunted.

And now you can pack your bags and leave for NOLA faster than the family from Poltergiest!

Anonymous said...

eeks. Maybe a possum got into the plumbing too. I just talked to my New Orleans relatives and they were trying to decide between Dave Matthews and Earth Wind and Fire last weekend. Glad the plumbing problems worked out and hope New Orleans was fun.
Margot and TeamSam

Amy Jo said...

I think that you are ready for your OWN toolbelt're practically an expert!

Amy Jo said...

I think that I would still make a conscience effort to avoid the whole plumber's crack thing though... :)~