Monday, February 04, 2008

Dance Wars

Is anyone watching this show but me? If you are not watching, you should. Yes, the name is stupid. Yes, the fake tension between Carrie Ann and Bruno is stupid. Yes, Carrie Ann needs a new wardrobe. But, these people are the most talented folks on TV. They have to sing and dance like crazy.

That said, why does Team Bruno keep losing? They are leaps and bounds better than Team Carrie Ann. AND they seem to be having more fun! I know that there is often "creative editing" with "reality" TV but she seems kind of harsh! Bruno's team seems to be working really hard but laughing the whole time. They are a far more cohesive team.

I think if they were to do this show again, they should cut out the fake tension. Once the teams start to perform, they really are amazing. Also, maybe only make it an hour?

Oh, and they finally fell victim to the Dancing with the Stars cross promotion with the new Bachelor. Yet another cute boy heading into a failed relationship.

Any thoughts?


Laura said...

I tried to watch it...but I can't can't hang with it. You know I love a cheesy show, but this isn't speaking to me.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Dance Wars is why they invented DVR. You can just cut to the good dancing and miss the crap!

Migs said...

I tried to watch a few times, and I agree with you that Team Bruno is sooo much better than Carrie Ann's team. Plus, I just hate her.