Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Well, it has been a while since I have had a confession. So, here you go!
I hate it when businesses replace "Qu" or "C" with "K". Things like "Kwik Kar Wash" or "Krazy" this or that. Seriously, it drives me crazy.
I may have mentioned this before but it should be repeated, also on the list of things that drive me crazy, 10 items or less.
Today as I was heading home from work in the middle of downtown Dallas, I saw a woman and her girlfriend chatting on the street corner. Totally having a nice chatty conversation. This was a completely normal occurrence except for the fact that one of the women had a case of bottled water on her head.
The other day, Jack was a complete mess. He was completely out of control. Without going through all the details, I had him at home just the two of us. As I put him in his room to cool down, he started slamming his door at me. So, I went into the garage, grabbed the screwdriver and hammer and very calmly without speaking to him, took off his door and took it to the garage. When he asked what I was doing, I told him that my son will not slam the door at me and he lost his "door privileges until further notice." I'm sure that night will come up in therapy 20 years from now.
This is just an awful confession. Yesterday, I was at a restaurant with some colleagues. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this sort of scary homeless looking black guy at the next table suddenly appear. He got up to let a family sit at the table and walked past my chair. As he did, I instinctively grabbed my purse to make sure it was zipped up. Later, I felt AWFUL at my stereotyping that guy! Turns out, he did steal the wallet of my colleague who was sitting next to me. Guess I don't feel so bad now.
Can I get a shout out "HOORAY!" for the return of Project Runway?
Not a confession but rather an update on Eva. Talked to the doctor's office today to make sure that we have all the paperwork in order to get it to MD Anderson. I'm hoping that we can meet next week. I'm pretty nervous about it but am prepared for whatever they tell me.
One final thought about today. Tonight, Jack asked me to read him a book in spanish. Those who know me know that I do not speak spanish but Jack and Eva do. Anyway, back to the book. I'm reading this little story to Jack and about halfway through the book, he patted me on the chest and said, "Mommy, you're doing very well in your spanish!" Thanks, Jack!


Laura said...

Taking Jack's door off is SOOOO something I can envision myself doing had I been a mother.
You can't correctly use it? ....guess what? YOU LOSE IT!!!

I'm quite sure I would LOVE that kid. He should meet my nephew Graham- who wouldn't let ME in the door to the beach house until I washed the sand off my fee. (Okay-he's 3!!!)

Thanks for the Eva update.

Laura said...


polkadotwitch said...

that is a good solution for the door slamming. totally goiing to use it!!

Vicki G. said...

4 years old and already slamming doors? Oy Vey!

I don't know if I would have thought of removing the door - good thinking.

Kristin said...

Give the kid back his door so he can lock himself in his room and get to writing some more butt nugget jokes! I still laugh when I think about butt nuggets with pooooop in them. He's a comic genius...

My kid is going to get kicked out of preschool because I refuse to stifle a laugh at funnies like that. I know I should...

Our Family: said...

I am impressed! First, I am impressed that you had the idea to take the door off to stop him from slamming the door. Second, I am impressed that you actual DID it and knew HOW to do it. I am sure I would end up with the door on top of me if I tried that.

Carolyn Wing said...

Don't you wish we could fix all of the issues by removing them? I do!!! Keeping your in my prayers. Carolyn Wing grandma to Laura Stage IV neuroblastom carpages.com page name LauraVDB

Anonymous said...

Omigoodness, my friend did the door thing and made her son earn it back - I always threatened, but never went through with it.

Although, to this day, my kids do not roll their eyes at me. I learned from someone a long time ago to say (when they start the eye rolling) "Can you see your brain when you do that?" I swear, this works, especially if there are their friends present!

L in Alaska

January said...

I like the idea of taking off the door. We're not at the door-slamming stage but its coming.

Yes, and thanks for the Eva update.