Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Welcome to another edition of Confession Tuesday!
First, we are heading to Houston tomorrow evening to take Eva to MD Anderson. Our dear friend, MJ, works for MDA and has gotten us an appointment. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm sure that the dr. will tell us one of two things: do nothing or chemo. What Jon and I have to come to terms with is which decision is best for Eva.
It is so strange. This is such a busy time and a bit stressful at work for me with planning for my campaign for next year. BUT, when your kid is sick, it is amazing how much work stress can just disappear almost immediately. You know what you have to do first and foremost. You cancel all your appointments, no matter how important they are and you just go to Houston.
I have not been sleeping at all. At all. I finally took a pill last night so that I could get some rest. It was amazing how much more energy I had today when I have some rest.
I had way too much wine with my girlfriends on Saturday night. Jon is such an angel. Even though Sunday is his day to sleep in, he got up at 8a and took over the kids for me so I could sleep it off. Not only did he do this, he did it without complaint. THAT I can really appreciate!
I sat in bed on Sunday and watched Hairspray about 7 times. It has nothing to do with my inappropriate crush on Zac Efron. It is just a goooood movie! By the way, did anyone see him in People magazine this week? There was a shot of him leaving the gym with the title "Hey Zac! Nice Guns!" Indeed!
My friend Joseph and I always have this saying that all of life's situations can relate to a song from Les Mis. We can burst into those lyrics at any given moment. I might have to add Hairspray to that list. As things have been moving along in my life, those songs just keep popping in my head. Jack throws up. I have to make an emergency trip to the laundromat. What am I singing? "There's a roaaaaad, we've been travelin'...." I'm in the shower and feelin' a bit sassy? "Cause I'm big, blooooonde and beautiful" Generally happy and playing with the kids? "Without looooooooove, darlin' never set me free" Chasing after the kids all over the yard? "You can't stop the motion of the ocean, or the sun in the sky...you can't stop the beeeeeat"
I finally got my washing machine back today!!! It was not a problem with my machine but rather a clogged line. The first plumber who came by (sent by American Home Shield) could not fix the line because it was in the roof. SO, AHS, not shockingly, denied our work as they usually do. It took us a bit to find someone who would do the work and after about 8 weeks of visits to the laundrymat, I can now do my laundry at home....ahhhh.
And now for the most important news! We had an office summer party last Friday. As part of that function, we had a recipe cook off. Well, guess which blogger pal of yours won 2nd place??? ME!

Now, those of you who read this and know me personally, I'm sure your first reaction pretty much like my family's reaction. One of two things: 1) you do a spit-take or 2) you ask me what Jon prepared.

Well, my friends, I am very proud to announce that I MADE SOMETHING MYSELF AND entered it into a contest which WON ME A PRIZE! What did I make? My, now award-winning, Vegetarian Black Bean Soup. And it turned out mighty nice!


Kristin said...

As someone who has been the beneficiary of something you (or Jon? who cares it was good...) has cooked, I'm not surprised. Can you post the winning recipe or is it top secret?

I wish you the best on Thursday.

Kristin said...

PS - I have an inappropriate crush on Zac Efron as well, and I saw the picture of the guns. My goodness. I can't wait until my girls are of an age where they can appreciate High School Musical. They are going to wonder why Mom already knows all of the words...

Goodnight, Mom said...


No, I made that, too! Hey!!! That's TWO cooking compliments!! Wahoo, I'm on a roll!!!!


Our Family: said...

Please post recipe...sounds delicious. Best of luck in Houston. I am glad you got the washing machine back, but I will miss your funny blogs from the laudromat (and the image of you unplugging a laundry machine to make room from your computer).

Laura said...

Must have recipe....Must have recipe...Please give recipe to loyal Goodnight Mom readers....
congratulations. That will be a cold day in h-e-double toothpick when I win a cooking prize.
Hats off to you.
And as always, prayers for little Eva.

...deb said...

Thinking good thoughts for you all tomorrow.

Glad you got sleep and a prize for your makings. Not sure which is better, but suspect it is sleep.


January said...

I'll have to try the recipe sometime soon. But you've always been a good cook so I'm not surprised.