Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

As many of you might remember, I declared July 1 as 2008.5! So, a Happy New Year to everyone!

Should all of last year, be forgot? And never brought to mind.....? YES!!!

Here's my list of resolutions in a special Confession Tuesday version:

1) Lose weight! Just kidding! Well, not really. Actually, today I am off to get my boot camp assessment. They assess you at the start and end of each class to see how much you've improved. I'll let you all know!

Update: Let's just say, when you think that you might be overweight, NEVER have them test your BMI. The will probably confirm that for you. Talk about a deflated ego! I am proud of my half mile run time, though. I ran for 4/5 of the half mile (walked the rest) and did it in 4 min which is really good for me. So, that's a good point to start with. We'll see how it goes!

2) Will prevent Eva's cancer from coming back. So, God, you on that one? Took her to get her CT this morning. She did fine. I did not. But, it was much better than the last time and a MUCH better experience overall and for that, I am thankful. We find the results on Monday morning. As always, I will post.

3) Read more. Man, I have to read more! I keep saying that and then I get sucked into My Boys, The Bachelorette or just a movie. I'm just turning off the TV. Well, after I see if my beloved Jason wins!

4) Have more patience. This is with Jack, work, Jon, Eva's test results, etc etc. Just need more patience.

5) Write thank you notes and MAIL them! I'm the WORST! I am so thankful for so many things that people do for me. I find stacks of notes (and birthday cards, gifts that I purchased, etc etc) all over the house and I'm like, darn! I never mailed the thank you's for Jack's first birthday party? Ugh.

6) Will drink more water and less wine. Well, not necessarily beginning now. I'm starting that off on a bad foot as I'm off to Napa with Jon for the weekend. Yeah, more water, that's what I will do there! By the way, I'm soooo excited for this trip, I can't stand it. Jon and I have planned two trips to Napa and both times I have gotten pregnant. I know FOR SURE I am not pregnant this trip so bring on the wine! Then when I get home, bring on the water.

What are your resolutions for 2008.5?


Laura said...

I'm trying the water thing too.
I think 4 min 1/2 mile is great.
Have a great trip.
I don't really do the resolution thing...but I will promise to...only read PEOPLE magazine at the store if I plan on paying for it...I am guilty of stealing reads.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Oh, that's a good one! I don't usually do resolutions, either but in this new year, anything goes!

January said...

Enjoy Napa. Save the water for next week.

Happy Half New Year! Is that like Festivus? Will there be feats of strength and a pole to complain around? I love that holiday.

A Festivus for the rest of us! Yippee!

chicklegirl said...

I laughed at a couple of these because they read exactly like my own inner dialog: must send thank you's, don't forget cards, drink more water, lose weight... oh, and more patience. What's patience, Mom?

Sigh. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!!! This is wonderful, your trip, your new new year.

And drink more water next week. Drink more wine this week.

Can't wait for an update on it all.

I, too, am lousy at thank you notes. I will go to my grave regretting my poor manners on that one. (I still have a few I never did from 2 marriages ago :-) See, you're not *that* bad!)

...deb said...

that was ...deb with that last comment!

Gina said...

I just found your blog yesterday, and am so excited I did. I wasn't sure if I was rereading my blog or reading yours. Our stories are so similar its scary. My 1 yr old son Carter was diagnosed with stage 2 Neuroblastoma in May. You can check out his blog at www.carterjayryan.blogspot.com However, you can save time because it really is just like Eva's. We go back for our first CT scan since diagnosis next week and I am so nervous. I was excited to see Eva's story(I went all the way back and read from Feb. 29) because every other Neuroblastoma story I read the child has stage 4 and is not doing very well. Carter does not have to have chemo either which I am so grateful. The first half of this year has been crazy for us also so I love your New Year idea.

Anonymous said...

prior to a year ago, i was a bootcamp junky. sadly, i have fallen off. fallen out. fallen soldier. :) but i will get back to it b/c nothing makes you feel like a bad ass than at least being part of it, taking it on.

(i'm assuming people think feeling like a bad ass is a good thing. i do.)

p.s. be careful limiting the wine. go easy. :)