Monday, July 07, 2008

When You're Tired, You Take a Napa

Happy 6th of July, everyone!

Could not write while away as I left my computer AT HOME! What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful vacation Jon and I had. I don't know if I could be more relaxed at this moment.

Back in April, we were invited to Napa to our good friend's home for July 4th. It took them many years to build their house and they wanted to break it in! So, I'm pretty sure all of our arrangements were made within about five minutes of the conversation on the Kohlman's porch back at Jazzfest. Oh, and Jon's parents soooo kindly agreed to watch our children so we could go alone! We were so excited in anticipation!

First of all, our host and hostess could not have been more gracious to us. I mean, they were just so generous with their time and with their home. For that, I am so appreciative.

Funny thing about their new house, it was amazing how much it felt and resembled my house. I mean, well, mine is about 13,000sf smaller but they are both brick! Theirs is on 47 acres, ours is on .47 acres! Oh, we both have "infinity" pools! Theirs overlooks the beautiful valley, mine takes an infinity to fill up with the hose. The only thing that I would definitely say negative about their house versus mine is that they were definitely lacking the "charm" of gutters hanging down off the side of the house and a dishwasher that floods the garage. Yeah, that was missing FOR SURE!

The formal living room

For the bulk of the trip, we ate and drank our way through the Napa Valley. I was a bit worried as there was no part of me that was even remotely interested in the wineries where they allow bus tours. If that is your thing, well, I'm sure it was terrific. That was just too many crowds and too high stress for me.

We spent one day on Spring Mountain Road where there are so many small wineries. As a matter of fact, when we went to Guilliams winery, Shawn, the owner, just had us sit in lawn chairs in her vinyard while she poured generous helpings of wine. That's my kind of day. Three days of that and oh man, am I recharged!

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Fourth of July at the club where I even got a massage! Ahhhhh!

My view on the 4th

We even got a bonus visit this afternoon with Jon's cousin and his lovely family. I always just enjoy their company so much and was sad to only get to visit for such a short time.

As much of a shutterbug as I am, I took about a gazillion pictures of the house and of our trip. Not going to post them, obviously, but if you'd like to see them, let me know and I will email!

Got home too late tonight and kids are asleep. Just trying to enjoy the final moments of quiet before the onslaught of tomorrow.

Have Eva's doctor's appointment tomorrow. Getting slammed back to reality. But for tonight, my head is still lying in that lawn chair outside of our friend's house in 50 degree weather, trying to count the millions of stars above.


Vickie said...

Your style and words take me right to Napa (where I wish I were). Thanks for the early morning tour and good luck at the doctor's visit with Eva.


Toni said...

Hi Kristi: Just want you to know that I tune in from time to time. Love the fact that y'all got together with Gideon, Nancy and the crew.

What can I say...We're thinking about you non-stop. Love, Toni