Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ok, let me just start by saying that I have written about 5 posts this week that I have just deleted. Just did not get in the writing groove. All of the posts were related to my love of the Olympics and how terribly excited I am for the games to begin!

Friday morning, I could not contain my excitement one more minute. I told Jon that we were going to have China-Pa-Looza! I would order chinese food, put the kids in their chinese outfits that we have, we'd all sit on the floor and watch the opening ceremonies. I had this dream that we would have the globe in the center and as the parade of athletes went along, we'd all learn geography.

Well, as you can imagine, things did not go according to plan. It started off well enough! But, of course, Jack kept walking on our "table" and HATED the chinese food (what? no chicken nuggets???), Eva wanted to dance the whole time and would throw her food at the beat of the music, and Jack had NO interest in learning ANYTHING about any of the countries.

The highlight did have to be Eva beating her chair almost at the same time as those amazing drummers!

But, overall, how AMAZING was that opening ceremony???

Alas, I think we'll go back to the China-Pa-Looza that we are comfortable with, Hong Kong Phooey.

Jack on his "chair"

Eva and the drummers

Our "table"

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Vicki G. said...

We are enjoying watching the Olympics here at our house as well. We had to brush up on our National Anthem singing. Every time we get a gold, we all stand with hand on heart and belt it out! The Men's swimming 4x100 relay was the best!! We were screaming our heads off! Your China-Pa-Looza looks like it was a lot of fun. USA!!