Saturday, August 02, 2008

Well, That Was Weird!

Last night, I noticed that my blog had shut down.

Turns out that after some research done by my trusty pal, Laura, the sitemeter was crashing everyone's blogs!

So, I removed it this morning and it works fine.

Scary feeling when you think you've lost all your work for the past several years!



January said...

That's weird. There are other site meters out there. But I would try it again.

I don't know anyone who backs up their blog posts but it's good to save the ones you consider favorites.

Laura said...

I put my site meter back on and everything is groovy.

I'm lucky to have a loyal reader in my mom who tends to print out posts of mine that she really likes.
So there would be a few "saved" if my blog crashed.
But it really would totally stink.