Monday, August 11, 2008

Eva's First Day of School

Today, was Eva's first day of school, EVER.

She's going to be going to the Mother's Day Out program at Jack's school a couple of days per week for the morning hours. I had wanted Eva to have a bit more socialization other than her brother, who can be a bit rough on her. For example, I wanted Eva to learn that when you want a toy, you don't walk up to someone, rip it out of their hands and clock them in the head. You know, things like that.

This morning, I told Eva that we would be going to school (to Jack's old class, Ms. Carmen). Wearing her new dress, she ran over to get her new Dora bag (both courtesy of her Grandma Phyllis) and proceeded to follow me around the house rolling her bag until I was ready to go.

I thought that when I dropped her off this morning, I would be in the parking lot sobbing my head off. I mean, it's my baby girl and EVA no less going off into the world at 22 months. But, I seemed to do just fine. Jack had to go to camp so he went with me to show Eva around her new classroom.

Almost all kids in Texas go back to school on the 25th, and that will include Jack.

I'm sure on that day when I drop both of my children off at school for the first time, I'll be hiding behind a tree in the parking lot, peering into their classroom windows and sobbing my little head off.


Nan and Gid said...

Too cute. Ginger's first day of school was today too. I just finished blogging about it. I wasn't quite as brave as you...I sobbed. I loved the dancing video. Eva is so adorable.

Laura said...

You need to put that little girl on You Tube. I wanna see her rolling that Dora bag around.
So cute.

Vicki G. said...

Thanks for sharing Eva's big day. I hope she enjoyed it!

Nicole said...

You'll be sobbing on Aug. 25? I'll be doing a happy dance! Mabye it's because I've been home with them all summer (or I'm a thoughtless
b*$ch, one or the other).