Monday, August 04, 2008

I Fought the Law and I Won!

Last December, I was heading into downtown for a meeting. I remember sitting at a stop light and seeing this LONG line of cars all pulled over by police.

As I turned left, I was thinking, oh man, another "sticker compliance" sting by the Dallas police. As all my stickers were up to date, I tried to veer around the LONG line of cars.

Officer Friendly signaled for me to get in the LONG line of cars and wait my turn. Ok, I was not speeding, I have insurance, my tags are up to date, this is a minor inconvenience but whatever, they'll let me go.

APPARENTLY, you were no longer allowed to turn left at the light where I turned and APPARENTLY there was a sign telling me I could not turn left. APPARENTLY, this sign was SO clear that seven cars ahead of me did not see it and the seven cars behind me in the line did not see it. AND that was just one light cycle!

Well, let me tell you, friends, I was not going to let that ticket stand. I applied to have my day in court to fight it. So, back in December, they sent me a court date of August 4.

Although I felt ok after leaving the doctor's office today, I have to say that generally speaking, for the past five months or so, I've had a don't-eff-with-me sorta scrappiness going on. Don't eff with me Officer Friendly, I'm ready to take you on. My kid has cancer and I'm not messing around, anymore!

So, no kidding, I park my car and as I was walking into the court house the only thing I kept thinking of was that Public Enemy song, Fight the Power. It was just ringing in my head.

I sit down in court, they check me in and dismiss us all for an hour. I went to the hallway to review some work I had brought. A few minutes later, a jubilant fellow ticket protester came out saying that they were dismissing all the cases, Officer Friendly had taken vacation and was not in court to serve as a witness. Case dismissed!

While ecstatic at the result, I am sort of sad that I did not get my scrappy self in front of the judge. I was ready, I tell ya. Fight the Power!


Dad 2 eight said...

So I read on Laura's site that you feel rules are "constraints" and there is only freedom in breaking them. Ah, yes. Those pesky driving rules and regulations, like "One Way Street." Of course they should be ignored. In fact the most free person in the world must be a guy like John Gotti, who breaks all of the rules. The prisons are just loaded with "free" souls, oppressed by a rule enforcing society. Just forget rules, moral or otherwise. And then we can all become a great nation like...the Netherlands and, perhaps, Darfur.

Goodnight, Mom said...

blah blah blah blah...

There is a difference between safety driving rules and rules set only for the city of Dallas to ticket their citizens for extra money. I am a very diligent driver.

However, if it was such a "safety hazard" to turn left (a temporary measure, by the way, it is now safe to turn, again), why were the signs not more clear or there at all?

THAT is what I was fighting! AND rightfully so, I must say!

Don't eff with me, Dadddy, I'll take you on, too!!!

Laura said...

I love your family.
I was just going to say congratulations for going to the court...but I think I'll stay out of it.
Big Gordie might start speaking Latin in a rant against me.

Dad 2 eight said...

Soror Laura:

Non est veritas. Possum dicere ab te tantum verba laudarum magnarum.

Laura said...

Don'tum knowum whatum thatus saysum.
(But I'm sure it's good.)

Dad 2 eight said...


It was not the fact that you "fought the ticket." It was what you posted on Laura's site regarding rules and regulations as they related to ee cummings. You said: "Unlike my father, I have always loved e.e. I loved how he just ripped up the rules. There is a freedom in ignoring all that you have learned!" OMG!! That is so 1960's. It is redolent of the fragrance that filled the Woodstock air, and still fills the nostrils of todays liberal "yutes."
I just didn't realize that you had filled your lungs with such heady smoke.