Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Little Update

Just a quick update.

Eva had a rough night. Jon was with her because I had a Board meeting this afternoon. When I left last night, she was just this little limp bit of nothin', clinging to Jon and me.

This morning, they found that her cultures grew a staff (they think) infection. So, they changed her antibiotics. They also found that her counts were low on all around so this afternoon, they gave her a transfusion.

She's MUCH better now, almost back to her old self.

Here's the bottom line, we're here for a while. The doctor said we could leave Monday at the earliest. So, we're settling on in.

Thanks so much for all your notes, thoughts and prayers!!


Laura said...

Big fat ones.

carolyn wing said...

You know I am praying and praying. Hugs and love. Carolyn Wing grandma to Laura Stage IV neuroblastoma pagename LauraVDB

Gordo said...

Kristi and Jon,

We are so relieved. We kept the prayers coming from many quarters. Our love and hugs (long ones) to little Eva and to you.