Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh Oh, We're Halfway There, Oh Oh Livin' on a Prayer!

You know, I always love the days when I can sneak in a Bon Jovi reference into my blog. I loves me some Bon Jovi.

Well, we are, in fact, halfway there. Eva had her second round of chemo yesterday. It went ok. Last night, of course, the vomiting arrived and Jon and I were all hands on deck. Poor Nubbin, she did not know what hit her. Jon and I are alternating nights and it was mine last night. So, it was a long night.

Several of you have been asking exactly what Eva is taking, here's the plan:

Round 1-Done
Carboplatin-1 hr in 1 day
Etoposide-1 hr per day for 3 days

Round 2-Done
Carboplatin-1 hr in 1 day
Cyclophosphamide-1 hr in 1 day
Doxorubicin-1 hr in 1 day

Round 3
Cyclophosphamide-1 hr in 1 day
Etoposide-1 hr per day for 3 days

Round 4
Carboplatin-1 hr in 1 day
Etoposide-1 hr per day for 3 days
Doxorubicin-1 hr for 1 day

Each round is three weeks apart from the other one. If we keep to schedule, meaning Eva can receive chemo on the days that she is scheduled, we will finish the week of Thanksgiving.

The day is long because you need two hours of IV hydration prior to chemo and two hours after. She also gets a shot for nausea that takes 15 min and a 30 min antibiotic.

So, there is lots of time to kill in a little room at the doctor's office. Eva felt fine, though, and asked to see her Imagination Movers dvd every thirty seconds. Eva, do you want to eat? Answer, "Movers!!!" Eva, do you want your paci? Answer, "Movers!!" I tried to mix it up a little bit and found a High School Musical cd in the Child Life area. Any music is fine by Eva. Alas, she could not be dissuaded from her beloved "Movers!!!" By the time it got to "We're All in this Together", Eva would not stop saying "Movers! Movers!! MOVERS!!!" Fine.

Yesterday, her counts were low. She had such high counts last week I think I was riding high a bit. Well, they were not a "false reading" but they were definitely altered by her neupogen shots. Dr. Lenarsky said that while her counts were low, she was "normal for a chemotherapy patient."
Her counts will continue to go down and be at their lowest on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Eva's 2nd birthday is Monday so I'm really hoping she feels well enough to celebrate some.

Today, she is doing well. Her beloved Imagination Movers have a tv show in Disney now so we have it taped on our DVR. She has been asking all day to watch it and demands that we dance along with her. If we are not in the room, she comes to get us and just yells, "Movers, Dance!" Quite the dancing dictator, Little Nubbin. I wish I had filmed her in the crib dancing yesterday and today in the den. Hilarious.

Tomorrow, I'm taking her to get her head shaved. She's lost so much hair even since yesterday, there is no need to keep the few strands she has left because you can't really apply any sunscreen without making a big mess. I think I'll be ok. Think.

Anyway, here she is in her crib yesterday at the doctor's office. Paci in her mouth, paci in her hand and you can't see it but she is holding another paci in the other hand. She cracks me up. My sister gave her the shirt she is wearing. She is, indeed, one brave chick.


Laura said...

She looks so pretty and perky and happy. I keep saying her name in my prayer list...but I say Eva Dozier...which I know isn't her last name.
I think HE knows.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Well, Eva Dozier is my mother so maybe they BOTH get a little somethin'!!! THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember a time 13 years ago when my best friend was going through chemo and I called to check on her and she asked me how I was! Eva is truly like her mom...both of you are brave chicks! Love you and keeping you guys in my prayers! -Gina D

The Movers said...

Eva, just so you know you are in our thoughts and prayers! Get well so you can jump up, get down, stand up and turn around.

Your pals,

the Movers

Anonymous said...

Tonight at a Bible study that I attend I asked for prayer for Eva and for you and for JOn and for Jack. She is on our prayer list and every Friday her name goes out on our prayer tree that dials over 200 homes with specific requests. I am always asked by someone " How is the baby" and I quick to share something that I glean from the blog or that Angel shares with me. I work at Gulley's garden center and keep up with Eva's progress almost daily. You are amazing and so is Eva. God is smiling upon this day as he has once again been faithful to protect her and take the next step in her healing. We will celebrate the completion of this treatment and truly experience Thanksgiving in a mighty way. You write beautifully and inspire us all..may God bring you peace this night.
Susan Wilson

Nan and Gid said...

Thinking of you guys as you are in our daily prayers. Lots of Love!

Gretchen said...

Eva is one brave chick! She looks so happy which is just amazing knowing all she's going through. I don't envy you for having to keep her entertained in a doctor's office for so many hours.
We are praying hard for her and your entire family! I hope she starts to feel better and you guys can get some rest.