Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh, how quickly things change!

Well, had fully prepared to come home and write a silly confessional, my first in a bit. However, Nubbin had something else in mind.

Mother is here and when I walked in the door, she said that she thought Eva felt warm. She had taken her temp and it was 99. I took her temp, it was 101. Off to the hospital.

So, that's where we are for the next couple of days while they try to find out why her fever is spiking.

Yesterday, Jon took her to the doctor. I thought for sure her counts were high because Monday, on her birthday, she literally ran in the yard for 40 solid minutes while the family played freeze tag. Turns out that her WBC was .8 (should be 4.0-11.0) and her ANC was 0. The doctor told Jon just to keep doing the neupogen shots and keep her on at home lock down until Friday. Well, that plan just did not work.

Last night, you would never know she was the same gal who ran in circles just 24 hours ago.

She'll be ok, we just have to find out what is causing the fever.

More to come!

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