Thursday, October 09, 2008

Random Thoughts

Ok, won't call this a confession because actually, it is Thursday night. So, it is now, just random thoughts. Forgive my stream of consciousness.

Where have I been?

Well, apparently working 5:30a-5:00p can make you awfully tired. For the past two weeks, I've been going to bed at 8:30.
Up with the Eva news first. She's doing great. Great. So well, in fact, that our doctors told us we did not need to come in this week for counts. Her WBC is higher than mine, I think.

We start chemo round 2 on Monday. I'm not looking forward to that at all.
Jon told me yesterday while I was sitting at my desk that Eva's hair has started to fall out. I completely fell apart at my desk and was useless the rest of the day. Just could not get it together about it. I think I had been in a bit of denial but when the hair started falling out, it just became so real. I just kept thinking, is she scared because she does not know what is going on?

So, when I went home, she came running up and pulled a wad of her hair out, said, "Look Mommy!" and then busted out laughing so hard she fell on the floor. So, to Eva, it's just a fun new party trick. Hey, look at me, betcha I can do something YOU can't do!

That makes it a bit easier.

For us, Jon said when you kiss her it is like kissing a cat. You get a mouthful of hair.
Have had a busy week. Can't even talk about all the goings on because it has been so much. Car blew a tire and had a huge adventure that day, went to a cocktail party for the King Tut exhibit here in Dallas, saw the exhibit twice, went to the state fair, work work work work. I've got lots to blog about so will catch up when I get back.

SOOO excited but am heading to VA for my 20 year high school reunion this weekend! YIPPEE! I'm staying with my girlfriend, SG, who has said that I don't need to even get out of bed this weekend. Ahhhhhhhhh....


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Eva Jane, and yes, I am awake at 11:3o PM. Daddy just gave me cookies and milk to make me feel better. When I am up in the middle of the night, it is he who hangs out with me and let's me watch Seinfeld reruns. Now I think I will draw a little then head back to bed.

I hope Mommy has fun in VA this weekend. Not to worry. Daddy says we'll go see my favorite band (Brave Combo) tomorrow and probably Trinity Hall (aka, the Pub) on Saturday. Aunt Barbie arrives Saturday, and Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday. I can't wait to see everyone.

Thanks to all for thinking of me. It is so nice to see all the terrific notes.


Eva Jane

Laura said...

Wow...Eva's a little genius being able to write so well.

You have a great weekend.

Amy Jo said...

Figures you would be here THIS weekend! We are headed out of town to see the leaves in Shenandoah...can't wait to put on the pack and get outta here. Hate to miss you again though.

How in the world has it been 20 years since we graduated?!? Is that even possible!!!

So glad Eva is doing so well...been praying daily. Have so, so much fun at the reunion!

Anonymous said...

Wish I knew you were coming, I would have planned to drive down and see you! Heading to see my sis in NOVA this weekend. Let me know next time! Hope you have a great time! -Gina D

susan said...

You are an incredible mom so naturally you have an incredible daughter. I come every week to be inspired (because, frankly your courage and humor are inspiring) and to humbly share my support.

Affirming Eva's whole and perfect health.