Friday, October 17, 2008

Transfusion-Free Friday!

Well, it's a new holiday, Transfusion-Free Friday!

Took Eva to the dr. and her counts were terrific! I'm sure it has lots to do with the neupogen shots and they think that they might have to transfuse on Tuesday but for now, we'll celebrate OUR holiday!

I'm so happy her counts are so good as we're heading into her birthday weekend. Mother is here (hooray!) and it is just so fun to watch the two of them have fun at the next table while I work.

Happy Transfusion-Free Friday, everyone!

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Vickie said...

Go Fuzz Go! What could be better than not sitting around clinic doing a transfusion on a Friday? Avoiding the traffic on the way home?

Enjoy the respite. We're hoping for the same.