Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hello all, in Cyberland!

I've been on radio silence for a bit because I took a wonderful vacation with my family. We went to the JazzFestival in New Orleans, as I have done for the past 19 years. When I came back, I had a pretty tough week at work so I was pretty drained each night when I came home. Nothing dramatic, just a tough week.

As for the kids and the vacation, well, the kids had a blast.

I have lots of stories to tell and lots of pictures. For now, I'll just give you a brief update on what we've been doing.

Jon and the kids went to New Orleans and Miss for 10 days. Since I had my conference here in Dallas, I met them on Wed night. We stayed until Monday morning when we drove on back to Dallas.

The very second we walked in, Jon trotted off to the potty and to get a shower. I was a little miffed because I wanted him to clean out the car while we still had daylight. I went in to tell him to move it along when I noticed he was not in the shower. It was the toilet overflowing at a rapid rate. Ugh.

Well, $200 and two visits from a plumber later, we discovered that those "flushable" toddler wipes were not so flushable. Something about a "dam" effect (not a "damn" effect as I would say!)
Also breaking this week, our television! We knew it was coming, to be honest. For the last couple of weeks, when you turned it on, it would make a loud "doing" sound. Not good for a tv.

As you can imagine, Jon and I are hardly early adopters when it comes to technology. We got a DVR less than a year ago, before that, we were using vcr tapes. I bought Jon an ipod about 18 months ago and he let it sit in the box for two months before I took it and started loading in music (he loves it now, by the way). In fact, we only have one television and it was over 10 years old AND it was a gift from a friend for our wedding.

So, yesterday, I went to Best Buy just to begin the search. I am a repeat customer there, having bought my previous television from them about 15 years ago. I was like, "so, this plasma thing vs lcd? What gives?" " Um, any of these televisions going to last me 10 years because that's about my threshold."

Jon is off at the store making the final decision on our purchase. We were down to two and I'm not sure which one he decided to go with. Not that I really care, honestly, as long as it works and does not break within the next seven years, I'll be just fine.
Um, let's see, what else. Eva has her MRI scheduled for this Friday. I'm not thinking about it.
Oh, some good news! Star Trek was awesome! If you have some time, definitely check it out.
Finally, Happy Mother's Day to all my mother pals out there. I've had a great day so far. Jon let me sleep in and then made me a delish breakfast. We went out on our TV search and now, I'm just relaxing a bit while Eva sleeps and Jack attempts to not bother me. Yea, Mother's Day!

I do want to say a special Happy Mother's Day to my Mom. While I struggle to juggle two children and their activities, personality quirks/drama, and energy, somehow, my mother managed to raise eight children. I am exhausted to even think about how that is possible.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!

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Lori said...

I'm praying for you and your family. Happy Mother's Day.