Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Well, I'm stepping into the confessional for the first time in a while.
I'm writing this while watching the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars. Gosh, I'll miss that show when it goes off next week. What will I do on Monday and Tuesday nights??

Show is over. Sad to see Ty go home. He gave me some great soundbites, that's for sure!
I just ate my last two Girl Scout Cookies. I have been saving those treasures in the freezer for a while. So, I guess that it will be next year before I get my hands on those Samoas again. Goodbye, delicious caramel, coconut and chocolate on a crisp butter cookie. I shall dream of you until we meet again....
Speaking of dreams, I was having one the other night. I was dreaming that Jon and I were on a bed that was on a conveyor belt. Jon in his sleep was about to roll off the conveyor belt. So, I grabbed him to save him from certain death.

Well...turns out that in reality, Jon was sound asleep in our bed (not on a conveyor belt) and I pounced on him in the middle of the night to "save" him. He told me the next day that after I grabbed him, I just shot up out of bed and stared at him before he coaxed me back to sleep.

It's been a while since I had middle of the night antics but I'm sure they keep Jon on his toes.
My middle of the night antics are almost always stress related. I can't imagine what I have to be stressed about.
I love my son. I mean, honestly just adore him. Just when he drives you to insanity with his neediness and energy, he pulls something like this.

He told me that he was "King of All Butterflies" just before I took this picture.

Oh, man, do I miss New Orleans. I have to say I was pretty depressed as we left the Fairgrounds on the last Sunday. I look so forward to this vacation every single year and when it is over, it just makes me sad.
I saw some awesome music. What is amazing about Fest is how you can plan to go to one stage but pass three incredible stages along the way. It is the surprise music that makes this so fun.
For example, several years ago, I remember passing the Jazz Tent and hearing this amazing kid play a trombone. I stayed, danced, and had a great time. Well, several years later, that "kid", Trombone Shorty, was on the poster for Fest. If you ever have a chance to see him, I highly recommend it.
Let's see. Let me cover the food I ate: conchon de lait (pulled pork sandwich--to die for!), shrimp bun (a fairly new Vietnamese noodle dish that is soooo great), spring rolls from same Vietnamese vendor, crawfish sack, oyster patty, crawfish beignets, crawfish bread and, of course, crawfish monica, a JazzFest staple. I would have covered more territory but did not get to spend as much time eating as I would have liked.
Oh, man, for a brief moment, I was reunited with my boyfriend, Jon Bon Jovi. It was heaven. Yes, I'm wearing my Bon Jovi hat that I purchased at the concert. On the back, it says, "New Jersey". Awesome.


Laura said...

He needs a crown.
(The King of all Butterflies.)

Vickie said...

You and Bon Jovi are a happening pair.

Amy Jo said...

Again...you make my vacation look so boring. You sure know how to party woman. :) I would cry too leaving such a good time!

Jack is just such a cutie...boys are so great. They can so so rotten one minute, but do that stuff the next. Just love 'em!

And I must admit...I have Bon Jovi envy. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have that same hat! I wore it to Jazz Fest 09!!!!!!!!!!!!

look at my videos from the show on youtube, my name is serpephone!

January said...

Give Jack a hug for me. He's King of the Butterflies in my book. Such a cutie.