Thursday, May 14, 2009


Good evening all!

Just a quick post tonight. Eva has her MRI at 7am tomorrow.

I'm, of course, in panic mode.

You know, I am a very positive person. I always just think good thoughts about everything. But the fact is, when your child is sick, you just have to hope and pray all is well and prepare yourself for bad news.

Eva, of course, is just fine. Running around like a maniac. You would never know this child has ever been ill.

Her mom? Well, every time Eva sweats at night, I think it is cancer. Every time Eva has a diaper rash, I think it is cancer. Every time Eva has a slight fever, I think it is cancer.

I'm really ready for some good news tomorrow so that I can just go back to being the apathetic-non-reactive-stop your whining and suck it up- parent I once was.

I miss her.


Laura said...

I just said a "Hail Mary" for Eva and a good report.

January said...

Yes, thinking good thoughts for Eva and the whole family.


Vickie said...

Give us the good news as soon as you get it. BTW, Erin never had diaper rash, but if she did, I'm sure I would have thought it was cancer. . .particularly in the last six months.

Amy Jo said...

Thinking of you all...and praying for good news too. Hang in there!