Sunday, June 29, 2008


A week or so ago, I decided that Sunday would be Jack and Mommy morning. I had to take Jon's sister to the airport this morning, (Jack's favorite destination) so I figured that would segue into breakfast and the movies.

I had seen the giant posters around town (more specifically on the side of the building next to mine) for a while for this new Pixar movie Wall-E.

Here's the plot. There is a robot whose job it is to pick up trash on an abandoned earth....(sound of a record scratch) Wait, a trash-picking up ROBOT?

Did Disney just call my son and ask him if he could have his own movie, what would it be about?

Here's the way the conversation I'm sure went:

Disney Guru: Hi Jack, we'd like to make a movie designed specifically for you. What should it be about?

Jack: Uh, robots....and trash... Oh, and if there is another robot, why don't you just name it after my sister? OK?

There is more to the plot but really, did they have to say anything other than a trash-picking up ROBOT to appeal to every four-year old boy in America?

I was a little hesitant to take him only because he is usually not great in movies and we end up having to leave early because he misbehaves. Not so in this movie. He was so engaged start to finish.
In addition, I have to say, the movie lived up to every reviewer that I read. It was just terrific.

Of course, every Disney movie has to have a higher purpose these days. They can't just tell a story, you know? Anyway, in the "future" humans have vacated the earth because of too much trash. All humans live on a space ship floating in the universe. Unfortunately for our future great, great, great grandchildren, inactivity and having robots do everything for them has made them "boneless."

I thought about the absurdity of this piece of the plot after the movie. I thought, what agenda is Disney trying to shove down our throats? Ohh, better recycle or you're going to LOSE the earth! Make sure you exercise or you're going to get fat! They don't know anything, really.

When the movie ended, I took my "pleasantly plump" body over to the overflowing trash can to throw away our snacks in a cup. Next, off to the bathroom where I got up from the automatic toilet, had the soap dispenser give me soap, washed my hands with the sensored sink, used the auto-hand dryers and took the escalator down to the car.

Boneless, indeed.


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Great ending-----HUGE OMISSION though....was the movie any good?

(sorry I had to delete my first comment..I had a spelling error and I'm SICK of having spelling errors in my comments.)

Goodnight, Mom said...

Yes, I loved it! Where I say it is hidden at the end of a paragraph. For some reason, with this post, I was having HTML problems in separating the paragraphs. Anyway, LOVED it!

As for your spelling errror, I totally agree with you. You can't go back and edit what you've written and it is like, ugh!

Though, thought, and tough seem to be interchangeable.

Dad 2 eight said...

When I viewed the preview, I could see the green agenda all over it. I have heard that Walt is frozen somewhere, awaiting the right time to return. If his old studio continues to remain so "agenda driven," I think he would probably rather they not hit "defrost."