Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Day, Sunshine

Well, just a quick note to tell you that yesterday's fiasco is nothing that a couple of cocktails and a bottle of wine can't cure.

I'm MUCH better today. Last night, my awesome sister-in-law came over and took us all to dinner. By then, I was coming around from the trauma. She made me laugh and relax.

Eva was perfect. She completely bounced back and was in great spirits.

I came home, put the kids to bed, settled down with Project Runway and my dear French friend Mr. Noir. You might know him, Pinot Noir? Anyway, we had a happy time together before I went to bed early.

New day! Time to put it all behind.


Anonymous said...

I know Mr. Noir, too, but I didn't know he was seeing other people...

You most definitely must say something next time about Senior Moment Lady - I learned that I could say, "No, we don't want you to take my son's blood" when that nurse had previously done such a horrible job that she finally tried to get it out of his port and made it bruise & bleed! It's hard to be "mean" and not want to hurt the nurse's feelings, but our children are more important!

Praying for good results tomorrow!

L in Alaska

Laura said...

A) I hope your head doesn't hurt today and
B) I hope this day brings great stuff.

Goodnight, Mom said...


Yes, it is all a learning experience. Senior Moment Lady is no mas!

Felt great, actually. Got much needed rest!

Off to the dr. today!

Amy Jo said...

Wishing you good news for today! Glad your head did not hurt too!