Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greetings from Medical City!

Well, here we are back at Medical City. We arrived this evening in enough time to get settled before Eva had to go to bed. We got the room next to our old room. The good news is that this room has a full panel of windows so it is so bright and sunny.

Tomorrow, we have the port surgery at 9am and then start chemo in the afternoon.

We're doing ok. I am lifted by my sister's and my in-law's arrival. Last night, my mother-in-law was kind enough to keep the kids so Jon and I could go out for a bit. We went to the pub (no big surprise).

Today was a bit hard, I must admit. When my sister arrived, she brought Eva this tshirt that has a chick on it and it says, "One Brave Chick". I, of course, burst into tears at the table. Then, later on, I went to Target by myself to pick up just a few final things for our stay. When I was checking out, it hit me what I was doing and I burst into tears, again.

It was quite embarrassing dashing out of the Target, I'm not sure what the cashier thought was wrong. I mean, she was probably thinking, Mam, it is just dish soap and a sippy cup. It is ok!

You see, while I am a huge fan of PDA--Public Displays of Affection (I always hug and kiss my friends hello and good bye, I'm very french that way), I am NOT a fan of PDE--Public Displays of Emotion. Ask Jon. Nothing mortifies me more than PDE. An exception to this is Extreme Happiness, which I pretty much exude most of the time. But sadness, well, that's another story altogether. Privately, water faucet. Publicly, stone. If I happen to break down in front of someone, I spend the next three hours apologizing.

I guess, I'll just apologize in advance for my melt downs these next few months. For all my friends and family seeing me over the next several months, they might have to forgive me just this once.

I'll be back to my jovial self sometime in December when this is all over.

More on Eva tomorrow. Please keep Jack and her in your prayers.


Terrie said...

Love and Prayers

Amy Jo said...

Hope that you were able to sleep at least a little. Many prayers for all of you today...and much love!

Susan said...

Prayers sent straight up! We are thinking of you all.

Gina said...

Lots of prayers for your family and of course Eva.

Vicki G. said...

I'm very much the same with "PDE" I'd rather run and hide in a closet than cry in public. Just let it flow - you'd have to be super human to be able to keep it in at a time like this.

We are all praying hard for you and your brave chick!

Louellen Coker said...

Always in my prayers. Much love to all the Bernsteins.

Nan and Gid said...

Lots of love and thinking of you all today. I just wear my sunglasses all the time to hide my PDE (it's so great that BIG sunglasses are in style now). I wear prescription sunglasses, so I use that as my excuse for wearing them inside too.