Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm home now. I'm trying to type this but honestly, my fingers hardly have the strength to work.
It was a trying day. First of all, they called yesterday and told me that I needed to be there at 7:30am for a 9am appt. Ok, so I get Jill (THANK YOU!) to come over and help me out and take care of Jack before Delfina gets here.

Eva and I get to the hospital and do our paperwork and head to the waiting room. There, you sit with other parents and play the usual "Whose Kid is Sicker?" game. This time, I did not win. Not even close.

One hour goes by, then two. Are they taking Eva soon, I ask? No, not yet. Three hours. Eva is REALLY getting hungry. But, you know that awesome girl, even though she tried to eat the plastic food in the playroom, she was really quite chipper. Three and hours and 45 min later, they take her.

So, I carry her into the room and hark and behold, who is the anesthesiologist? Senior Moment Lady! Oh, man. So, instead of letting me hold Eva while they put her to sleep like the other ones do, SHE made me hold her down while she screamed on the bed. It was awful.

I went down to the cafe because it was 11:30 and I had not eaten either. Jon called from Bangkok. I was happy to get to talk to him when I did not have screaming kids. Anyway, he did make me feel better about MY day so far because he told me that he was going to have to fly coach on a 13 hour flight and the only dvd he had with him was Hong Kong Phooey. Now, I love Hong Kong Phooey just as much as the next guy but for 13 hours, geesh!

I had finally recovered from the earlier incident and went back upstairs. They called me to tell me that Eva was ready for me.

What I left was an adorable child. What I got was a complete crazy person. Eva had a reaction to the gas that they gave her and because I really don't want to relive those horrible 40 minutes, I'll just say that it was such an awful experience I hope that no parent has to ever deal with it. I had to restrain her for a full 40 minutes while she screamed, clawed at my face and kicked me and anyone nearby. There are no words for it, really.

The good news is that once the gas wears off, she becomes her charming self. We were driving home and Eva was sitting in the back singing to the Imagination Movers (her request). Me? I was shaking and completely spent.

It has been two hours and I think that my adrenaline has calmed down. I'm heading off for some rest.

I'll get the results on Friday. AND Oh, hear me now, this is the LAST we will see of Senior Moment Lady, trust.


January said...

Yes, go home and rest. Later, have a glass of wine.

Sorry the day with Eva was so difficult. I'll call later.

*Big hug* from one mommy to another.

Lorraine said...

Hi Kristi,

I'm sorry to hear about your day. Definitely get some rest and I second that on the wine.

Lil' Eva is def in my prayers.

Angel said...

Could you possibly have a "Senior Moment" and forget to pay your Anesthesiologist's bill????
Love and hugs and my offer still stands if you want me to try to come to the Big D this weekend.
Love you!

Terrie said...

Oh, Binky if only I could take this cup from you! My prayers are with you. May God give you the grace to deal with all of this and may he erase any bad memory from Eva's mind. Love you, Terrie

Vickie said...

Having experienced the RAGE with Erin just last week (for the first time), believe me, i can picture exactly what your forty minutes from Hades was like and why you were shaking and spent in the aftermath. I kept thinking, surely there are other choices to use on children.